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Man with knife stabs at least 17 on Tokyo train; starts fire

Over 26K NYC workers remain unvaccinated after Friday deadline

Raid on alleged Brazil bank robbers leaves 20 dead

Palestinians vow to defend graves in Jerusalem cemetery

Steven Donziger, Who Sued Chevron over “Amazon Chernobyl,” Ordered to Prison

‘A roadmap for a coup’: inside Trump’s plot to steal the presidency

The Facebook Papers: Docs Reveal Tech Giant’s Complicity in Hate, Lies & Violence

Three protesters killed in Sudan anti-coup demonstrations

Oklahoma inmate dies vomiting and convulsing in first state execution since 2015

Why did the FBI shoot Jonathan Cortez in an Oakland corner store?

Supreme Court declines to block Maine vaccine mandate

Attack on Black liberation group MOVE: The day Philadelphia bombed its own citizens

Newsom pulls out of Scotland climate summit

Saudi Arabia bans all imports from Lebanon, expels ambassador

Costa Rica: A climate success story

Biden tells France’s Macron, US was ‘clumsy’ in Aussie sub deal

Oklahoma set to resume lethal injections after 6-year pause

Arctic ground ‘literally collapsing’ amid abrupt thaw

China says Taiwan ‘has no right’ to join UN, after US nod

Quai Branly museum hosts final show in France for looted Benin treasures

Massive cyberattack disrupts petrol stations in Iran

The Path to a Livable Future

'Catastrophic and Irreparable Harm' to Wolves Averted as Wisconsin Judge Cancels Hunt

Nigeria, Africa's largest economy, launches digital currency eNaira

Israel to build 1,300 new West Bank settler homes

Biden’s vaccine mandate has cargo giants in a pre-holiday panic

Max Verstappen wins F1 US GP to extend title lead over Lewis Hamilton

‘Kill them all, don’t spare anyone’: A massacre in Burkina Faso

Ecuador’s Olympic sprinter Alex Quinonez shot dead

US Judge Rules Guantánamo Detainee's Imprisonment Illegal

Outcry as Israel labels Palestinian rights groups ‘terrorists’

France unveils €100 fuel inflation subsidy

Actor Alec Baldwin shoots filmer dead with prop gun on set

Vaccine mandate a disaster for holiday supply chain

Trump’s new social media backer tied to China lifestyle venture

‘A shining light’: EU leaders bid farewell to Merkel at summit

Biden's comments on vaccine mandates compared to a dictator

French teacher convicted over anti-Semitic vaccine protest sign

PayPal in $45 bln bid for Pinterest

Netflix workers stage walk-out over Chappelle transgender comments

Putin rival and Kremlin critic Navalny wins EU rights prize

Dollar General workers push to unionize amid hostility from above

Fighting Extremism in the U.S. Military

Israel approves building plan in illegal Jerusalem settlement

Like in Flint, Lead Pipes Leave Benton Harbor, Michigan, with Toxic Water

‘He lied’: Iraqis blame Colin Powell for role in invasion on Iraq

‘An American icon’: World reacts to death of Colin Powell

Macron condemns 'inexcusable' police crackdown on 1961 Paris protest of Algerians

Capitol Police officer charged with obstructing Jan. 6 investigation

October 17, 1961: Remembering the Algerian Massacre in Paris

Dutch team designs and builds long-range solar powered camper van with kitchen, bed and shower

Italy: Fresh pandemic woes for those jabbed with ‘wrong’ vaccines

MP Sir David Amess stabbed at constituency meeting

‘They just didn’t care’: families of missing Native women call out indifferent police

Cambridge University halts £400m deal with UAE over Pegasus spyware claims

Big Pharma charging $712 for a Covid drug funded by government

Bill Clinton hospitalized with sepsis

Stealing Africa: How Britain looted the continent’s art

NBA star Irving sidelined by Nets for refusing Covid vaccination

Gaza’s undrinkable water ‘slowly poisoning’ Palestinians

Sally Rooney rejects Israeli translation offer in support of BDS

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Plastic waste chokes last mangrove forests in Philippines’ Manila Bay

France to ban plastic packaging for most fruit and vegetables

Southwest cancels over 350 flights, delays around 600

China has won AI battle with U.S.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bans COVID-19 vaccine mandates by any entity

Oil ship leak threatens millions of Yemenis

Racist housing laws cause Black families to lose their homes after disaster

Singapore patrol robots stoke fears of surveillance state

California Oil Spill Spurs New Calls to Ban Offshore Oil Drilling

3 Vaccine Creators Join World's Richest

As UK cracks down on protests, surveillance tech market grows

Czechs sign $630m deal for Israeli-made air defence system

‘French psychiatry has gone downhill in part because of American influence’

Swiss Guards leave corps in order to avoid Vatican vaccine mandate

Algeria recalls envoy to France after ‘inadmissible interference’

Hollywood production workers authorize historic strike

‘Pandora Papers’ reveal hidden wealth of world leaders, celebrities, billionaires

In India almost any death is considered a covid death

Germany issues international arrest warrant for founders of Panama Papers firm

Chinese warplanes fly toward Taiwan for 2nd straight day

Lawyer who sued Chevron sentenced to six months in contempt case

Hospital workers fired for rejecting covid medical ideology

Samuel Moyn’s Unprincipled Attack on Human Rights Giant Michael Ratner Is Shameful

Tropical Cyclone Kills 9 in Iran and Oman

‘Major’ Oil Spill Off California Coast Kills Wetlands and Wildlife

Driver in China successfully sues Tesla for fraud

Jeff Bezos’s space flight firm ‘rife with sexism’, employees’ letter claims

‘Wall of shame’ built to block crack users sparks fury in Paris suburb

Australia’s borders to reopen in November after 18-month closure

Venezuela introduces new currency, drops six zeros