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Georgia Prisoners’ Hunger Strike at Critical Stage

A Nation Is Not a Business

Quebec Students Continue Resistance

The Ruling Elite and the Perversion of Scholarship

Unrest in Anaheim Continues: Riot Police Arrest Protesters Outside of Disneyland

Fire aboard T.N. Express kills 32

Privatization: The Big Joke That Isn't Funny

Happy Birthday to Medicare

Life in the American Slaughterhouse: Beyond Aurora, Guns Are Going Off Everywhere

Murder By Drone: A Day Job Waiting for a Kill Shot a World Away

Wikileaks Punks NYT Editor Bill Keller in Effort to Highlight Donation Blockade

The Ruling Elite and the Perversion of Scholarship

The CEO Plan to Steal Your Social Security and Medicare

Global Super Rich Now Hoard $31 Trillion in Tax Havens: Report

Drought in US Intensifying to 'Historic Proportions'

Drought in US Intensifying to 'Historic Proportions'

The Curious Case of Denmark

Q & A With Tom Morello: "I've Never Been Afraid of the Truth on My Records

It's the Guns – But We All Know, It's Not Really the Guns

Despite Overwhelming Evidence, Federal Appeals Court Upholds Law Requiring Doctors to Lie to Women

Scotland Debates Independence

Colorado Shooting Is About More Than Gun Culture

Canadian Mining Goliaths Devastate Mexican Indigenous Communities and Environment

Did the San Francisco Police Department Get Away With an Execution?

Honoring Amelia Earhart: Better feminist than pilot?

Ghana President Mills dies, VP to replace him

Arafat Came Offering Peace, Got Poison

Alexander Cockburn and the Radical Power of the Word

The Rights Groups that Lost the Plot on Ecuador and Julian Assange

Raising the Minimum Wage Is Cheap and Easy

The $7.25 Minimum Wage Is Too Low for 21st Century America

Large, Profitable Companies Employ Most Minimum-Wage Earners

Journalist Chris Hedges on Capitalism's "Sacrifice Zones": Communities Destroyed for Profit

$21 Trillion: Offshore wealth represents "a huge black hole in the world economy"

Did the Youth Unemployment Crisis Play a Role in the Colorado Shooting?

The Olympic Games: Who Wins?

A "Victory" in My FOIA Lawsuit Against the FBI

12 people killed in Colorado movie theater

FDA and GE: Extra Radiation? Who Cares?

Libor fraud exposes Wall Street’s rotten core

To Disagree Is to Be Put on the Enemies List

FDA Makes It Official: BPA Can't Be Used in Baby Bottles and Cups

NSA Whistleblower Says The Feds Are Gathering Data On Nearly Every US Citizen

Official Fukushima Report Blames Japanese Culture, Not Nuclear Power

Growing Doubts About Advertising

Matt Taibbi: LIBOR Rate-Fixing Scandal "Biggest Insider Trading You Could Ever Imagine"

Nurses Union Will Keep Fighting for Medicare for All

Technology and Inequality: The Happy Myth

Hating in Athens

US Families of Drone Victims, Rights Groups File Lawsuit

More People Turning to Risky, High Cost 'Payday Loans' to Meet Basic Needs

Russia, China veto U.N. resolution on Syria

36 Percent Of Fukushima Children Have Abnormal Growths From Radiation Exposure

Twilight of the Elites: Chris Hayes on How the Powerful Rig the System, from Penn State to Wall St.

Hope Is for the Lazy: The Challenge of Our Dead World

New York Fed Knew of False Barclays Reports on Rates

Wikileaks Scores 'Significant Victory' vs Visa/MasterCard

Leaked Docs Reveal 'Off the Charts' Damage at US Nuke Plant

In Vast Effort, FDA Spied on E-Mails of Its Own Scientists

March of the Unemployed Kicks Off Two Projects in Oakland

Turning a Blind Eye to Catastrophic Truths

Montana's Governor Vows to Continue His Fight Against Citizens United

Obama's Scramble for Africa Secret Wars, Secret Bases, and the Pentagon's "New Spice Route" in Africa

DoD Report Reveals Some Detainees Interrogated While Drugged, Others "Chemically Restrained"

Is Haiti's Reconstruction Path Paved in Gold?

John Deere, CVS Caremark, HP, MillerCoors and Best Buy Drop ALEC

America’s Own Terror Group: Huffington Post publishes, and then deletes, a post by a MeK spokesman

The UN's Increasing Use of Mercenary Firms

Animal Rights Advocates say 'Show Business Is No Business' for Wild Animals

Department of Labor to Investigate Union Busting on Army Base Following ITT Report

New Study: Fluids From Marcellus Shale Likely Seeping Into Pennsylvania Drinking Water

3 Years w/out Charge, 90 Days w/out Food: Palestinian Hunger Striker Released by Israeli

Rep. John Lewis, Civil Rights Icon, on the Struggle to Win–and Now Protect–Voting Rights in U.S.

Obama Administration Drives Drug Prices Sky High for World's Poor

Arafat: Murder Most Foul

US Has Warmest Year-to-Date As Drought Expands

Ending the Cradle to Prison Pipeline and Mass Incarceration

Oakland City Council Seeks to Cut Goldman Sachs Ties After Bank Profits from Lowered Interest Rates

Declaring Internet Freedom for All

Journatic busted for using fake bylines

The Death of Quality Local News: Why I Blew the Whistle on Journatic's Practices

Tens of Thousands March in Mexico Against Right's President-Elect

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster "Man-Made" Reports Japanese Panel

Poor Land in Jail as Companies Add Huge Fees for Probation

Andy Griffith, TV’s Lawman and Moral Compass, Dies at 86

The Aftermath of Occupy Will Surpass the Gains of 1960s Activism

Remembering Italian car designer Sergio Pininfarina

ALEC Accused of Violating Its Tax-Exempt Status; Will the IRS Take Action?

A New Policy in Britain

Harry Belafonte: 'Faced with Oppression, I Had to Act'

France slaps 7 billion euros in taxes on rich, big firms

Mining For A Future: Aboriginal Austrailian says "They took away our rights, land and dignity"

Guatemalan Femicide: The Legacy of Repression and Injustice

Federal Highway Fund Is Running on Fumes

Josh Fox on His New Film, Gas Industry Lies and Government Collusion

The Arrogance of Privilege

Al Jazeera Reports: New Tests Show Yasser Arafat Poisoned with Radioactive Polonium

International 'Whale Sanctuary' Proposal Denied

California Lawmakers Pass Historic Foreclosure Protections

Barclays Chief Executive Bob Diamond resigns over market rigging

Over 1.4 million still without power from Illinois to Virginia

Lessons From Occupy Wall Street's First Political Prisoner

Time to Get Crazy

Rupert Murdoch May Be a Convenient Demon, but the Media Is a Junta

Wal-Mart: 50 Years of Gutting America's Middle Class

Julian Assange: Exiled and Triumphiant

More Shock Doctrin: In Eurozone, it's welfare for the ric and austerity for everyone else

Joseph Stiglitz calls for bankers to face the music

Factory-Fed Fish: Monsanto and Cargill's Plan for the Ocean

Weapons Builders Bank on Proliferation of Drones

Kenneth Chamberlain’s Family Files Suit After White Plains Police Evade Charges for Slaying, Slurs

Glaxo Agrees to Pay $3 Billion in Fraud Settlement

Marcus Agius: Chairman of Barclays Resigns over interest rate manipulation

Baltimore Hip Hop on School to Prison Pipeline

Mass Protest in Hong Kong as new President inagurated

Voters Head to the Polls in Mexico after Tumultuous Presidential Race

Florida to People of Color: Don’t Vote Here

New Orleans Teachers Get Justice, but Schools Still Under Attack