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As the Sequester Looms, the Outlines of a Solution Emerge

Radicalizing Dr. King: Obama's presidency has nothing to do with the legacy of King

After Unprecedented Fight, Hagel Confirmed as Obama’s Pentagon Chief

Du Bois and the Soviet Union

TSA Now Traumatizing Disabled Toddlers in Strollers

What If the Iranians Waterboarded an American?

How Israel Legitimizes Torturing Palestinians to Death

Autopsy: Palestinian Prisoner Died of 'Extreme Torture' in Israeli Custody

Palestinian officials warn of possible third intifada in wake of Arafat Jaradat's death

Zero Dark Thirty, the CIA and film critics have a very bad evening

Du Bois, Garvey and Pan Africanism

Haitian Senate Calls for Halt to Mining Activities

W.E.B. Du Bois vs Booker T. Washington - Then and Now

Oscar Pistorius lead detective taken off case after attempted murder charges

Bradley Manning: 1,000 Days in Detention and Secrecy Still Reigns

Torture at Guantánamo: Lt. Col. Stuart Couch on His Refusal to Prosecute Abused Prisoner

The Lonely Soldier and the Moral Scars of War

Throwaways: Recruited by Police & Thrown into Danger, Young Informants are Drug War’s Latest Victims

An Interrogation Center at Yale? Proposed Pentagon Special Ops Training Facility Sparks Protests

UN will not compensate Haiti cholera victims, Ban Ki-moon tells president

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: ‘Half man, half pig’?

Artists Face the Gag in India

Farmer Challenges Monsanto Seed Patent in Supreme Court

The Secret Rise of 21st Century Democracy

War Made Easy

Obama Supports Clean and Dirty Energy

Oscar Nominated Palestinian Filmmaker Detained at Los Angeles Airport

Prisoner X: Doubts Grow on Jailhouse Suicide Claims for Australian Israeli Linked to Mossad

Food Sovereignty: Think Globally, Eat Locally

Corporations Write Our Laws and Profit From Our Misery

PBS/AOL Feature Amy Goodman as Part of "Makers: Women Who Make America Series"

Georgia presses US supreme court to overturn Warren Hill's stay of execution

When Wars Come Home

Correa wins re-election and says banks and mass media don't rule anymore

Playwright Eve Ensler Organizes Global Day of Dance Against Sexual Abuse

Thousands Converge: Demand Action from Obama to Avoid 'Climate Disaster'

Climate Rally Draws “Line in the Sand” on Canadian Pipeline

Will Feb 17th Protest Stop the XL Pipeline and Shift Climate Debate?

Betty Friedan's "The Feminine Mystique": 50 Years Later

Political Violence Grips Egypt From All Sides

Ecuador's Rafael Correa headed for landslide election

Facebook: Over $1 Billion in Profits, $0 in Taxes in 2012

Drones Across US Skies Closer to Reality

Pakistan market bomb kills scores of Shia Muslims

Malcolm McLaren's widow fears Met will get punk fashion show all wrong

The Queer Case Against Prisons

How High Could the Minimum Wage Go?

The Trayvon Martin Case: It's About All Our Kids

'Let Us Not Be Deceived': Cornel West Names Obama as 'War Criminal'

The Greek Trap

Worker Owned Businesses Point to New Forms of Ownership

Cop-Killing Cop: Police Use of Incendiary Tear Gas Criticized in Killing of Christopher Dorner

Actress Daryl Hannah Arrested While Urging Obama to Reject Keystone Pipeline

David Bacon: Let's Stop Making Migration a Crime

Meteor explodes over Russian Urals, injuring more than 1,000 – live updates

Atomic Tremor: North Korea Confirms Nuclear Detonation

DOJ Kill List Memo Forces Many Dems Out of the Closet as Overtly Unprincipled Hacks

The state of our union is … dumber:

Hamas Bans Gaza Hip Hop

North Korea Nuclear Test Sends Message to Washington One Week After U.S.-South Korean War Games

The Imaginary World of the “War Against al-Qa’ida”

Remembering the Overlooked Life of Eslanda Robeson, Wife of Civil Rights Legend Paul Robeson

Gaza Gags Civil Liberties

Fuzzy Math: The Chicago Public Schools Budget Crisis

Obama’s Shakedown of Medicare

Every 30 Minutes A Farmer Kills Himself, You'll Never Guess Why

Jeremy Scahill: Assassinations of U.S. Citizens Largely Ignored at Brennan CIA Hearing

America’s Global Torture Network

"He Was The Agency": Ex-CIA Analyst Questions Brennan Claim He Couldn’t Stop Waterboarding, Torture

Opening Message at Brennan Hearing: 'Stop CIA Murder'

Tunisia braces for general strike amid political crisis

Egypt and the Revolt Against Morsi

US newspapers accused of complicity as drone report reopens security debate

Tip Your Server and Save the World

Japanese whaling industry 'dead in the water', says animal welfare group

The American Lockdown State

Chilling Legal Memo From Obama DOJ Justifies Assassination of US Citizens

Seattle Teachers Lead Day of Action Against Standardized Tests

Boy Scouts board delays vote on lifting ban on gays

The Mali Blowback: More to Come?

Decade After Iraq WMD Speech at UN, Ex-Powell Aide Lawrence Wilkerson Debates Author Norman Solomon

NYPD Being Sued Over 'Widespread and Intense' Surveillance of Muslims

Nation's Largest Nurses Union Joins Chorus Saying: 'No Keystone XL'

Bill McKibben: Ahead of Keystone XL Rally, Fossil Fuel Divestment Expands Across U.S. Campuses

Lawmakers Threaten Funding of Brooklyn College for Hosting Event on BDS Campaign Against Israel

Tunisian government to be dissolved, PM announces

No Evidence of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Activity at Parchin

Rosa Parks' Stamp on American History

The Dangers of Obama’s Cyber War Power Grab

Obama now 'proverbial judge, jury and executioner’ of cyber-strikes

Time to Take On Concentrated Poverty and Education

On Rosa Parks’ 100th Birthday, Recalling Her Rebellious Life Before and After the Montgomery Bus

Twenty-Five Cablevision Union Members Fired During Confrontation with Management

The Legacy of Chattel Slavery: Private Prisons Blur the Line Between Real People and Real Estate

Brooklyn College's Academic Freedom Increasingly Threatened Over Israel Event

CIA rendition: more than a quarter of countries 'offered covert support'

Napping at Work Makes You A Better Employee

Damage From US Navy Ship to Great Barrier Reef Far Worse Than Estimated

Henry Wallace, America's Forgotten Visionary

Noam Chomsky: The Paranoia of the Superrich and Superpowerful

Creative Finance: Leaving Felons in Charge of the Banks

American Manhood: An identity defined by brain trauma and gun violence

Nine Football Players Killed By Brain Trauma

Ramarley Graham's family sues NYPD on anniversary of teen's shooting death

Barack Obama, Drone Ranger

US military struggling to stop suicide epidemic among war veterans

How Whole Foods and the Biggest Organic Foods Distributor Are Screwing Workers

Mexican Student Movement Confronts New President

Assad accuses Israel of seeking to destabilise Syria

Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle Reportedly Killed at Shooting Range

Syrian Left Opposition Groups Propose Plan to End an Endless War

Dr. Oz: Is the most trusted doctor in America doing more harm than good?


As Suicides, Brain Injuries Mount, Safety of Football Questioned, from NFL to Youth Leagues

Media Hate Fest for Venezuela Keeps on Keepin’ On

Mumia Abu-Jamal: "The United States Is Fast Becoming One of the Biggest Open-Air Prisons on Earth"

French gay-marriage bill clears first parliamentary vote

For Black Boys, the NFL - and Traumatic Brain Injury - Can Be Lottery Tickets

Obama's Immigration Reform Sets Punitive Obstacles to Citizenship

Depression Recession: The anemic job recovery

Alabama standoff: police thank suspect for 'taking care of our child'

Parents and Students Demand Nationwide Moratorium on School Closings

Traditional Farming Holds All the Aces

Murder of Landless Workers’ Leader Recalls Brazil’s Dictatorship

Newseum opens exhibit featuring Martin Luther King Birmingham, Alabama jail cell door

With Assange in Diplomatic Limbo, Sweden in No Rush to Press Rape Charges

A Good Use of Heartbeats: An Interview With First Nations Activist Caleb Behn

Ed Koch, outspoken former mayor of New York, dead at 88

"Larger-Than-Life" Ex-NYC Mayor Ed Koch Leaves Complex Legacy of Racial Tension, Social Programs

Violence, Brain Trauma and Manhood in America

Safety of Football Questioned, from NFL to Youth Leagues