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Victory: Grassroots Pressure Leads to Closure of Two Highly Polluting Coal Plants in Chicago

Mass Black Incarceration: Damn Right, We Charge Genocide

Senegal Faces Runoff Election After Youth-Led Protests Against Abdoulaye Wade’s Bid for Third Term

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Occupy Takes Aim at ALEC Today in 70 US Cities

Wikileaks Exposes DHS Spying on Occupy Movement

Black Feminist Archaeology

Fed Grants $7.77 Trillion Secret Bank Loan

White House Applauds Decision to Build Part of Keystone XL Pipeline

“A Terrible Sight”: Police Evict Occupy London, Arrest 20 Protesters

"Occupy Baby": Occupy Wall Street Organizer Beka Economopoulos Gives Birth in Back of Cab

The Never-Ending and Never-Prosecuted Humanitarian Disaster in Iraq

WikiLeaks: Leaked Emails Expose Inner Workings of Private Intelligence Firm Stratfor, a "Shadow CIA"

BP Exits California

The History of the BP Trial

Rich Presidents of Poor Nations: An African Story of Oil and Capital Flight

Why the Banks Are Too Big to Jail

The Need for a Black Agenda

Dow and Monsanto Join Forces to Poison America's Heartland

Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in France

US General: "Iran a Rational Actor", but is US one?

Occupy for Prisoners Comes Out Against Mass Incarceration

Black History Special: Jazz Legend Randy Weston on His Life and Celebration of "African Rhythms"

UN Nuclear Inspectors Return to Tehran

Uncle Sam, Global Gangster

In Maryland, House Passes Gay Marriage Bill

Stanford University researchers break NuCaptcha video security

‘We Are All Greeks Now’ rallies in Europe, US

Pakistan won’t help US attack Iran, says Zardari

Why I'm Suing the FBI, the DoD and the CIA

Face Masks, Snipers and Aerial Surveillance: Chicago's Newest Anti-Protest Measures Revealed

Anonymous takes down government sites in massive anti-ACTA attack

Obama DOJ Tries to Insulate Warrantless Wiretapping Law

Hold Tight To Your Anger

'Journalist without Peer': Anthony Shadid Dies at 43 in Syria

Occupy Joins the Fight Against Private Prisons

Four Recent Victories Signal Hard Truth About Rebuilding Labor Movement

Bill Moyers: Freedom of and From Religion

Mortgage Settlement 'Whitewash': US Taxpayers Will Pay for Big Bank Settlement

Florida Lawmakers Defeat Prison Privatization amid National Push for For-Profit Jails

"Where Are the Women?": Lawmakers Walk Out on Contraception Rule Hearing After Female Witness Barred

Drones Set Sights on U.S. Skies

NJ Gov. Chris Christie vetoes bill allowing same-sex marriage a day after Assembly passes it

Spanish Judge Who Probed War Crimes Now on Trial Himself

Trader Joe’s Caves to Coalition of Immokalee Workers, Signs Fair Food Agreement

Ramarley Graham: NYPD Slays Unarmed Black Teen as Outrage over Targeting of People of Color Grows

49-State Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Will Be Finalized Thursday

One on One With Rep. Lynn Woolsey: "US Family Law Is Stuck in the 'Leave It to Beaver' Era"

A Short History of Modern Syria

West Memphis 3: Freed Death Row Prisoner Makes Film About 18-Year Battle to Prove His Innocence

Loss of polar ice blamed for freezing Artic-like weather to Europe

Iran warns against attacks on its nuclear bases

Occupy DC Raided by Police in Riot Gear

Why Black Union Workers Matter in This Year’s Super Bowl Showdown

New York Students Walkout Against School Closures

The Democrats Who Unleashed Wall Street and Got Away With It

SOPA: Anti-Piracy or Censorship? Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales vs. Copyright Alliance’s Sandra Aistars

Ecuador Creating Alternative to Neo-Liberal Model

Paying For Cancer Treatment for Children in America With a Car Wash, Bake Sale and Fish Fry

Bird life badly hit by nuclear fallout in Japan

"The Atomic States of America": Exploring a Nation’s Struggle with Nuclear Power

Obama Administration Doubles No-Fly List

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