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NAACP Head Benjamin Jealous in Geneva Seeking United Nations Help to Protect Voting Rights in U.S.

Blow the Whistle on the Air Force Academy and Your Dog May Get Poisoned

3/11: Japan Marks Anniversary of Meltdowns, Tsunami in Day of Mourning, Protest

Bill Moyers: Encore Broadcast: Crony Capitalism

Confirmed: Fracking Caused Ohio Earthquakes

US Soldier(s) Open Fire on Afghan Civilians in Murder Spree

American Is Held After Shooting at Least 16 Civilians in Afghanistan

Why Can't You Smoke Pot? Because Lobbyists Are Getting Rich Off of the War on Drugs

The Bipartisan Force Behind the For-Profit College Scam: Big Money

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Rep. Donald Payne (1934–2012): Remembering New Jersey’s First African-American Member of Congress

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How Pop Culture Influences Political Expectations

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