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Austrian court cancels presidential election result, orders re-run

After Brexit: Reckoning With Britain's Racism and Xenophobia

All clear at Joint Base Andrews, after 'active shooter' lockdown

"Transgender Troops" Should Be an Oxymoron

The United States: Land of Terrorists and Massacres

Coptic Christian priest killed in 'hail of bullets' outside Egyptian church

Buenos Aires to Close 140-Year-Old Zoo, Saying "Captivity Is Degrading"

Surge in Organized Violence Comes as Turkey Drifts Toward Authoritarian Rule

Two days after airport massacre claiming 41 lives, Istanbul airport's swiftly reopens

Jesse Williams BET Speech

‘She lied to me, then called me a liar on TV’: Mother of slain Benghazi victim on Hillary Clinton

Sanders refuses to quit presidential race with 1,900 Bernie delegates attending DNC

The $1.3 Trillion Student Debt Crisis

Wake Up Democrats, Warns Sanders, This Populist Unrest Cannot Be Ignored

Michigan governor’s private lawyers withholding Flint crisis docs – attorney general

Standing In Our Own Blood

Jesse Williams On Black Lives, Equal Rights And Freedom (Video Speech)

The re-colonization of Puerto Rico

Nation's First Solar Roadway Coming to Historic Route 66

Once-in-a-Thousand-Year Flooding Devastates West Virginia, Killing At Least 23

California Fires Burn at "Exponential Rates" Amid Heat Wave and 5-Year Drought

Volkswagen settles emissions-cheating cases for up to record $15.3B

Plaintiff in SCOTUS Abortion Case Celebrates Historic Win

Jesse Williams' Powerful BET Awards Speech: "We're Done Watching Whiteness Use and Abuse Us"

Clinton allies block bans on Israeli occupation, fracking & TPP in party platform ahead of DNC

Brexit vote sends new shocks through markets; political chaos deepens

Clinton, Warren team up to trash Trump

"My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard": Shane Bauer Goes Undercover to Expose Conditions

The Hypocrisy of the Democrats' Sit-In Stunt

Greg Palast on US Election Fraud and Neoliberalism Gone Amok

7 stabbed at neo-Nazi event outside Capitol in Sacramento

Decrying 'Jim Crow 2.0,' Advocates Demand Updated Voting Rights Before Election

Panama Set for Official Opening of Canal Expansion

Hollande rejects Le Pen’s calls for Frexit referendum

‘Mass surveillance doesn't work’: Snowden lashes out at Russia’s new anti-terror bill

Arizona says it has no more drugs left to carry out death penalty executions

I Almost Cried Aloud

Making Illegal Legal: Obama aides and abets Bush crimes, provides immunity

MIchael Ratner: Building settlements in occupied territories with US support is illegal and unacceptable

Here’s What We Want

California wildfire burns more than 30,000 acres, prompting state of emergency

Assault Weapons Are Called Assault Weapons for a Reason

Brexit and the New Global Rebellion

‘Black Friday’: Pound plummets to 1985 low as 'Leave' declares victory

Brexit: what happens when Britain leaves the EU

Oil Spill in California: Broken Pipeline Leaks 30,000 Gallons of Crude in Ventura County

"Let Us Vote": Rep. John Lewis Leads Historic Democratic Sit-in for Gun Control Legislation

Colombia & FARC Agree to Ceasefire in Historic Peace Deal, Begin Long Process of Implementation

Baltimore police driver Goodson found not guilty in Freddie Gray case

Pope Francis to visit genocide memorial in Armenia

Vatican Archives Clearly Document the Armenian Genocide

Shooting in German cinema, several injured

Nine Killed in Police Crackdown on Oaxaca Teacher’s Strike

Thomas Frank on Clinton & Democratic Establishment

What Happens When You Can't Afford Self-Care

UN Report: A Record 65.3 Million Displaced

The Return of Lesser Evilism

Oaxaca Journalist Covering Teacher's Strike Shot Dead

Teacher Killings Ignite Calls for Revolution in Mexico

Investors see trouble in Musk's dream for Tesla-SolarCity Union

Nurses Say "No" to Staffing by Robot: 5,000 Strike in Minnesota

Cornel West vs. Robert Wexler on Israel and Palestine

Solar-Powered Plane Takes Off for Historic Odyssey Across the Atlantic

China's Plan To Reduce Meat Consumption Gets Praise

Naomi Klein on the US Elections, the Democratic Party, and What the Movement Does Next

Berta Cáceres Was at Top of Honduras Military's Kill List: Whistleblower

Police Department or Frat House? 3 Oakland Police Chiefs Resign in 9 Days Amid Sex Crime Scandal

Oakland Should Name the "Predatory" Cops Who Raped & Trafficked Girl

California's last remaining nuclear plant set to close

The Great Seed Piracy

Mexican Police Unleash Deadly Violence Against Protesting Teachers

Yet Another Failed Attempt to Discredit Bernie Sanders, Courtesy of the New York Times

People’s Summit Seeks To Take ‘Political Revolution’ To The Next Level

Bernie Sanders Vows to Continue His Political Revolution

The Murder of Jo Cox Is Linked to Neo-Nazi National Alliance & Pro-Apartheid Club

'Political revolution must continue': Sanders to work with Clinton to transform Democratic Party

UK Mourns After Labour Party MP Jo Cox Killed by Gunman

Congresswoman Calls for Drug-Testing the One Percent, Not the Poor

IT worker at Panama Papers firm detained in Geneva

Judge who issued Stanford rape sentence removed from unrelated sex assault case

Hollande threatens to ban demos as French anti-labor law protests grow

Days After Orlando Hate Crime, House GOP Blocks Vote on LGBTQ Protections

Hostage situation ends, shooter killed at Walmart in Amarillo, Texas

Trump Unhinged, But Clinton's Post-Orlando Speech Also Sparks Concern

Domestic Violence is the Red Flag We Aren't Talking About

The Net Neutrality Verdict Is In: We Won!

Supreme Court Renders Puerto Rico 'Powerless' in the Face of Austerity

Let Bernie Be

Germany: Thousands Surround US Air Base to Protest the Use of Drones

Salonfähig Trump: Hate and Extremism as the New Global Norm

Was the Democratic Primary Just Manipulated, or Was It Stolen?

Australia Stopped Mass Shootings After 1996 Massacre, So Why Doesn't the U.S.?

Mary Magdalene – 'Apostle to the Apostles' – gets upgraded feast day

Winning By Destroying: Trump and Gingrinch

Father of reported Orlando shooter: Son possibly motivated by seeing two men kiss

50 people confirmed dead in Orlando nightclub attack

Deadliest mass shooting in US history: 50 dead, 53 injured in Orlando gay club massacre

Millions of Ballots in California Remain Uncounted

Muhammad Ali: He Wasn't Against Just War, But Empire

Environmental Justice Activists in Alabama Fight $30 Million Defamation Lawsuit

Amazing Grace: The Gift of a Transgender Child

Sanders stays in the fight, taking issues to convention

A "Watershed" Moment in Fight Against Rape

Calling Out Drone War as a War Crime

Why America Needs a National Rape Monument for its Countless Victims

Five officers convicted of beating inmate at NYC’s Rikers Island prison

Pair charged in 3-day torture, killing of homeless man in SF

Sanders Supporters Cry Foul over Clinton's Suspicious "Secret Win" Email

Perfect End to Democratic Primary: Anonymous Superdelegates Declare Winner Through Media

Establishment Media Commit Massive Act of Malpractice And Claim Clinton ‘Clinched’

Suspected suicide attempt by SeaWorld Orca shocks tourists

Black Lives Matter Activist Face Four Years in Jail While Stanford Rapist Gets Six Months

"Just Take Me to Jail": Remembering Muhammad Ali's Refusal to Fight in Vietnam

Voters Outraged as Media Accused of Falsely, Preemptively Crowning Clinton

Too much solar electricity makes Chile give it away for free

Ahead of California, Sanders Warns Media Against Preemptive Coronation of Clinton

President Obama Finally Gets It Right On Expanding Social Security

Muhammad Ali (1942-2016): Anti-War Legend and Boxing Great Dies at 74

'Bomb Train' Hits Oregon Community as Feared Derailment Comes to Pass

Temer Convicted of Breaking Election Laws As Thousands March for Democracy in Brazil

US Bans Ivory Trade

The Nation's Poisonous Water Problem Is Far Worse Than You Think

Activists React to Lack of Charges in Jamar Clark Case

The Legacy of the Obama Administration: An Interview With Noam Chomsky

Iraq War Veteran on Protesting Trump: We Do Not Want to Be Used as Props for Hate

Black Lives Matter Activist Convicted of Felony Lynching: "It's More Than Ironic, It's Disgusting"

German parliament acknowledges Armenian genocide amid intense Turkish pressure

French deluge: Louvre closes down, thousands flee homes amid state of emergency

'This Campaign Is Not Over': Polls Show Dead Heat in California

Thanks to Activism And Sanders, Obama Changes Course on Social Security

HomeAmerica No federal charges for officers in Jamar Clark shooting

OAS Threatens to Suspend Venezuela While Ignoring Recent Ouster of Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff

Two dead in shooting at UCLA in possible murder-suicide, campus on lockdown

19yo woman in Pakistan burned alive for turning down marriage proposal

World's longest rail tunnel opens through Swiss Alps