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Top UN official in New York steps down citing ‘genocide’ of Palestinian civilians

“Not in Our Name”: 400 Arrested at Jewish-Led Sit-in at NYC’s Grand Central Demanding Gaza Ceasefire

Afghans return to Taliban rule as Pakistan moves to expel 1.7 million

Peruvian singer finally takes her place among all-time greats

Two South Korean police officers stabbed outside presidential compound

King Charles III begins Kenya visit amid calls for colonial-era reparations

Banks pumped more than $150bn in to companies running ‘carbon bomb’ projects in 2022

Does Biden’s unwavering support for Israel risk his chance for re-election?

France’s Long Legacy of Colonialism Lives on in Sahel Crisis

Palestinians Face Genocide. Now Is Not the Time for Academic Neutrality.

In dehumanising the Palestinians, Biden has surpassed Trump

Seeds of potential: the Caribbean women reviving a dying art

Mob storms Russian airport looking for Israelis

The US Government Is Complicit in the Gaza Ghetto Genocide

Spanish clergy sexually abused more than 200,000 children

Cornel West returns donation from Harlan Crow

US among 14 countries to vote against UN resolution on Israel-Hamas ‘truce’

Colombian ex-army officer gets life in prison for killing of Haiti president Jovenel Moïse

Former Chinese PM Li Keqiang dies of heart attack

From food to artwork, Iraqis mobilise to send aid to Gaza

At least 22 killed, dozens injured in mass shooting in US state of Maine

Half of Britons can’t name a Black British historical figure

Author Viet Thanh Nguyen on Gaza & Israel’s Dehumanization of Palestinians

Al Jazeera Reporter's Family Massacred by Israeli Airstrike in Gaza

Guterres, Gaza and the consequences of countering ‘Israelspeak’

The US has deployed troops in the Middle East

16 dead in Maine mass shooting as police hunt for gunman

Brazil slave trafficker’s links to top bank spark debate over reparations

Get Smartphones Out of K-12 Schools, Say Child Advocates and Educators

Gaza families wear ID bracelets to avoid burial in mass graves

Tennessee voters reject mayoral candidate who refused to disavow neo-Nazis

Mike Johnson elected House speaker, ending 22 days of GOP stalemate

One prison guard, 96 abuse charges: women say ‘serial rapist’ targeted them over a decade

60% of US Oil and Gas Infrastructure Now Protected by Anti-Protest Laws: Greenpeace

Oxfam Accuses Israel of 'Using Starvation as Weapon of War' in Gaza

Wood pellets bring EU environmental racism to US

Germany’s Scholz demands probe into Gaza hospital strike

Israel’s war of self-deceit

US states sue social media giant Meta, accusing it of harming mental health in youth

Western feminism and its blind spots in the Middle East

France’s pro-Palestine protest ban is OK, top court rules

Internal EU discontent grows at von der Leyen’s neglect of Palestinian statehood

Israel slams UN chief for saying Hamas attack ‘did not happen in a vacuum,’ calls for his resignation

Israeli hostage, 85, shown shaking hands with Hamas captor after release

Man linked to white supremacist group pleads guilty to US church firebombing

The US Supreme Court's Incoherent, Idiotic, and Racist Rulings on Gerrymandering

The US Supreme Court's Incoherent, Idiotic, and Racist Rulings on Gerrymandering

Palestinian Journalist Rips Western Media Narrative on Israel's Gaza Slaughter

With its crackdown on Palestine solidarity, the UK sleepwalks into a police state

How Israel Helped Start Hamas to Weaken Palestinian Hopes for Statehood

Addiction treatment for kids and teenagers lags far behind demand

From racism to Gaza, Starmer's Labour fails its Black voters

Jenna Ellis pleads guilty in Georgia election interference case

“Nowhere in Gaza Is Safe”: Palestinian Death Toll Tops 5,000 as Israel Rejects Calls for Ceasefire

Qatar emir says 'enough' with Israel's 'unrestricted' license to kill

Turkey’s Erdogan submits Sweden’s bid for NATO membership to parliament

Swiss anti-immigration party rebounds to become largest parliamentary faction

Chevron buys Hess for $60B as Big Oil deals reshape industry

US says it will retaliate if American forces are attacked in Middle East

Biden Will Not Escape History's Judgement for Failure to Stop Gaza Assault

‘Beautiful solidarity’: Cooking for displaced Palestinians in southern Gaza

Trump is ‘single most dangerous threat’ to the US, warns Republican Liz Cheney

SAG-AFTRA to resume talks with studios

‘There Are Options for Israel That Do Not Involve Killing Thousands of Civilians’

Web Summit CEO Paddy Cosgrave resigns over Israel ‘war crimes’ post

Indigenous groups say referendum loss proves Australia is a ‘country that does not know itself’

US synagogue head killed as police warn against speculation over motive

Pedestrian fatalities are rising across the US: Where and why are they spiking?

Hundreds of Thousands March in London Demanding 'End to War on Gaza'

Erasing Palestine

Jon Stewart show nixed by Apple TV+ over subject matter concerns

Hamas killed my parents, but Israel’s war is not the answer

Two-Thirds of American Voters Want US to Back Cease-Fire in Gaza

White Supremacist Nick Fuentes is Causing Chaos Inside Texas Youth GOP

Hundreds of US Congressional Staffers Sign Open Letter Demanding Gaza Cease-Fire

Ceasefire Now! Rashida Tlaib, Naomi Klein Join Thousands in Jewish-Led D.C. Protest Against Gaza War

Anti-Defamation League Staffer Publicly Quits Over Israel-Hamas

European leaders seethe over Putin-Orbán meeting

Music lyrics lawsuit could set AI copyright precedent

Racing Drivers shocked by 'obscene' prospect of one-million euros fines

Israel levels Gaza district, hits Orthodox church as invasion looms

The Biden hug

Tel Aviv hospital goes underground to shelter patients from rocket attacks

US university professors are tired of being Republican culture war target

Elephant collapses and dies at St Louis Zoo after small dog runs loose

Additional Chinese loans "not sustainable" for Kenya

Cryptocurrency firms sued over ‘$1bn investor fraud’ by New York state

‘Do not use our pain to bring death’: plea to Israel from peace activists’ grieving families

Sidney Powell pleads guilty in Georgia election interference case

Palestinian Leader Mustafa Barghouti Says Israel’s Goal Is Ethnic Cleansing & Annexation of Gaza

US Vetoes Brazil Security Council Resolution Calling for 'Humanitarian Pauses' in Gaza

Israel-Gaza war: Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah calls for end to ‘massacres’

Rage in Lebanon over Israel’s war on Gaza

Jewish activists arrested at US Congress anti-Israel protest amid Gaza war

State Department official resigns over Biden’s handling of Israel-Gaza war

Biden announces $100 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza and West Bank

Drought turns Amazonian capital into climate dystopia

Netanyahu Shows Map of 'New Middle East'—Without Palestine—to UN General Assembly

Olaf Scholz’s plane evacuated on runway following rocket attack in Israel

You have to earn $115,000 a year to afford a typical house now

This is genocide

Cornel West Isn’t Worried About Being Called a Spoiler

Hundreds killed in Israeli air strike on Gaza hospital, Gaza health authorities say

Poland's opposition parties win majority in parliamentary elections

How a Tusk-led government could bring radical change to Poland

Biden to cut China off from more Nvidia chips

EU to crack down further on microplastics after glitter ban

Israeli Military Has Killed 1 Child in Gaza Every 15 Minutes

Gaza families ordered south return home, say nowhere is safe from Israeli bombs

“A Textbook Case of Genocide”: Israeli Holocaust Scholar Raz Segal Decries Israel’s Assault on Gaza

Brussels attack: suspect shot dead by police after killing of Swedish football fans

U.S. Already ‘Militarily Involved’ in Israel War, Iran Says

Georgia refuses to release evidence from police shooting of Cop City activist

The peril now facing us: Israel invades, Iran intervenes – and this war goes global

Waffle House workers push for $25 an hour

Spanish Minister Says Netanyahu Should Be Brought Before ICC for War Crimes

Landlord kills Muslim boy, stabs boy’s mother in hate crime

Which countries have criticised Israeli attacks on Gaza?

Thousands of Jewish Americans and Allies Demand Cease-Fire in Gaza

Noboa, 35-year-old heir to banana dynasty, wins Ecuador's presidential election

‘Every square inch is covered in life’: the ageing oil rigs that became marine oases

Iran warns Israel through UN against ground offensive in Gaza

Mass Protests Erupt Across Middle East Demanding End to Israel's Assault on Gaza

‘It’s the same daily misery’: Germany’s terrible trains are no joke for a nation built on efficiency

Australia rejects proposal to recognise Aboriginal people in constitution

Jordan clinches Speaker nomination in GOP’s second go at the gavel

House Progressives to Biden: Pressure Israel to End Assault on Gaza Civilians

‘A second Nakba’: Echoes of 1948, as Israel orders Palestinians to leave

Israeli army tweets video that appears to show soldiers shooting Palestinians who surrendered

IMF should give poor countries $300bn a year to fight climate crisis, says Joseph Stiglitz

There’s No Path to Ending Bloodshed If Palestinian Rights Continue to Be Denied

Video shows man dragged down street by LAPD vehicle

One dead, two severely wounded in knife attack at French school

Over 4,000 residents flee their homes as major Ghana dam spills over

Burkina Faso signs agreement with Russia for nuclear power plant

Rudolph Isley, founding member of the Isley Brothers, dies at 84

UAW expands strike to Ford’s most lucrative plant

Israel is manufacturing a case for genocide

Internet companies report biggest-ever denial of service operation

Europe's travel strikes: Flight and train disruption you can expect in October

Why are 1 in 7 of us addicted to ultra-processed foods?

Gazans bombarded by Israel have no hope and no escape

Deforestation in Bolivia has jumped by 32% in a year

The U.S. mental health crisis is taking an uneven toll

From 1947 to 2023: Retracing the complex, tragic Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Luton airport closed and flights suspended after huge fire in car park

Spain’s high-speed trains aren’t just efficient, they have transformed people’s lives

China frees Australian reporter jailed for three years