Demanding Obama show his papers, as if he is a runaway slave

Max Eternity - I have many criticisms of President Obama, even though I voted for him. But let me be clear, I voted for him not because I though he was going to save us from all the doom and gloom, but because I thought he had the most integrity of all the candidates that were (by June '08) left standing. Every president, and indeed every citizen, should be held accountable. However, the anti-black, hateful, vicious, character assisination that we are all witnessing right now...the slanderous, unsubstantiated attacks on Obama, go way, way, way beyond the pale.

"Demanding the Black President show his papers, as if he were a runaway slave" is part of a quote I came across today on The Huffington Post, which was written in response to the following video:

In the video, a peaceful, unidentified black woman attempts to unfurl a poster she had of Rosa Parks, whereupon a very aggressive white man dashes out of nowhere and rips the poster apart. Then instead of security grabbing the offender, they instead grab the victim; thereby escorting the black woman out of the town hall meeting.

The full quote, which the title of this post is derived from, written by "postman66" on The Huffington Post, reads as follows:

Are we returning to a time when no right an African American has can not be taken away? From this women, to Gates yelling in his own home to a segement of the population demanding the Black President show his papers, as if he were a runaway slave.

And as if that were not enough, check out this cartoon from a prior post, where Obama is portrayed as a murderer, and this video (below) where Congressman David Scott talks about some of the racist attacks he's had to endure in recent days.


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