We Want the Public Option

Guardian UK - Since President Obama took office, his charm and confidence have allowed him to successfully put lipstick on one neoliberal pig after another: the bank bailout, the big coal bailout, the IMF bailout, escalation of the war in Afghanistan, expansion of the defence budget. All done in the name of "bipartisanship," which is popular in theory with the public but hardly necessary with a strong Democratic majority. It's largely been used as an excuse to backtrack on promises made to the progressives who put him in office, who continue to be held in curious contempt by the White House.

Through all these disappointments and failures, the president's popularity has held. But that may be coming to an end.

Whether the President mentions the public option tonight is moot. More important is whether he realises he's on the road to a one-term presidency and decides to change course before it's too late. Read more.


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