Bauhaus 90th Anniversary Show Draws Many Visitors

The Huffington Post - It's all there: the well-known desk lamps, the original metal tube chairs and models of boxy white buildings.

Ninety years after the founding of the Bauhaus school, a new exhibition in Berlin brings together the collections of three museums for the largest celebration ever of the most famous and influential school of avant-garde art and design in the 20th century.

The 1,000 objects that are presented in 18 galleries at the Martin-Gropius-Bau museum in Berlin extend far beyond the familiar images of Bauhaus.

There are little-known paper cuttings by Bauhaus students, expressionist paintings by their teachers, metal sculptures, pottery, a chess board and even a sleekly designed baby cradle.

"We created a show that has never been seen like this before," Annemarie Jaeggi, director of the Berlin Bauhaus Archive and one of the exhibit's three curators, said Wednesday. Read more.


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