Anti-war activists losing patience with Obama

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Star Telegram - Abby Tomlinson voted for President Barack Obama, hoping that he would help end the war in Iraq quickly.

But the Lubbock woman said she’s disappointed in what the "peace" candidate has accomplished along those lines, nearly a year after taking office.

Two wars continue. The Iraqi war may soon wind down but the Afghanistan war is escalating, with Obama’s recent decision to send in 30,000 more troops.

"One of the major platforms of the Obama campaign was the move to end the war in Iraq. Many voters chose him because of that fact alone," said Tomlinson, who works in communications and marketing at Texas Tech University’s College of Outreach and Distance Education. "He ran, whether he meant to or not, on a platform of peace.

"I guess we probably did put too much hope in him. I know that I did. I feel disappointed and a bit betrayed by Obama’s choice to send more troops anywhere overseas. I feel like he has turned his back to those that voted him into office."

Now anti-war protesters — who have been somewhat subdued since Obama took office — are ramping up protests, bluntly reminding Obama that they expect him to fulfill his campaign promises. Read more.


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