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When "downsizing" is "rightsizing"

Karen Leland @ The Huffington Post - At latest count I've sold off 10 pieces of furniture; donated over 200 books, assorted dishware and clothing for Goodwill; thrown out a small dumpsters worth of garbage and cut my candle collection in half. All this and I still have many days worth of sorting and clutter clearing to go before the big day next week when we move.

If you read my column last month, you know that my husband and are facing a downsizing. We sold the house we've owned for the past 12 years and are moving to a rental. Were we forced to sell our house in a fit of foreclosure? No. But like many of our fellow citizens we were swept up in the irrational enthusiasm of leveraged real estate investments and a mortgage that looked liked it was too good to be true - and it was. Read more.


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