Defiantly rejecting US hegemony, Iran announce nuclear expansions

The New York Times - Iran warned Sunday that it would reduce its cooperation with United Nation’s nuclear agency and in a gesture of defiance it ordered the construction of 10 new uranium enrichment plants.

Iran’s warning and its announcement for building new plants appeared to be its first reaction to the demand by the United Nations nuclear watchdog demand on Friday to immediately suspend enrichment activities at a newly disclosed site called Fordow, near the city of Qum.

Speaker of Parliament, Ali Larijani, who once headed the nuclear talks, also warned that Iran’s cooperation with the agency could “seriously decrease.”

“The Iranian Parliament warns the US and other members of the five plus one group not to think that these kinds of outdated games will give you a chance for haggling,” Mr. Larijani said, ISNA reported.

“Do not make Parliament and the Iranian nation choose another path and seriously decrease cooperation with IAEA.” Read more.


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