A Frozen Cat Survives

Pet Talk @ USA Today - So it's a Friday morning, frigid and icy, after an overnight storm dumped a foot or more of snow. Animal control receives a call about a cat that may or may not be alive under a deck. The officer arrives, finds the cat is still living but just barely, and transports it over treacherous roads to the shelter.

"Whatcha got there?" the shelter director, Mary Steinbeiser, asks when officer Cheri France arrives and puts the carrying crate on the counter.

"A cat," France says. "I'm not sure if it's still alive."

Steinbeiser pulls the black and white cat, so cold it's rigid, out of the carrier. The eyes are closed. There's no movement. This is an awful moment for anyone who loves animals. She steels herself. And then hears the tiniest squeak. Read more.


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