Oscar Grant: A Black Man Martyred - Murdered

As a black man, I am most familiar with racial profiling, police harassment and entrapment. When I was 27 years old I was falsely arrested and charged with a crime I did not commit. I was given an attorney by the courts - I could not afford my own - who told me that I should plead guilty because I was black and the accusing party was white. My attorney too, was white. He didn't ask me if I was innocent. He just told me to plead guilty. Black - Guilty. Welcome to America. But I refused to plead guilty, and I challenged the courts. Eventually the case was dismissed. Duh!!! But others - black men - have met a very different fate. Oscar Grant being the latest casualty in America's War On Black Men.

It's a f*ckin' disgrace - a disgrace to U.S. all.



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