Into The Woods of Me

I grew up in a crazy house
But everyone around me, thought it was normal
And that's what really made it crazy
The denial of the dysfunction
That was the craziest part of it all

And what a relief (I used to think)
What a joy it will be, when I'm old enough for school
Surely I will meet normal people
I'll meet normal friends and normal teachers
And at first that seemed to be true
But I was soon to discover
That the people there were crazy too
And the craziest one of them all
Was the man in charge of the school
His real name was Mr Brown
But I used called him, Mr. Crazy

And alas, I found myself in church
In a sweet little chapel on the top of a hill
And I knew then, I couldn't go wrong
And the people there told me,
That I was safe in The House of The Lord
And finally, I felt the love of God
I even won a contest for being
The prettiest baby in church
And for a while I was safe, and all seemed well
But slowly, I grew up
And as I decided to embrace me
And not who the Church wanted me to be
All of my joy came crashing down
For I discovered that being in Church was just the same
As being at home or being at school
It was just another crazy place for crazy people

And so I no longer trusted being at home
I no longer trusted being at school
I no longer trusted being in Church
And I felt unhappy and alone

And when I realized that I could take no more
I decided to run far, far away
And so I ran, and I ran, and I ran
I ran deep, into the woods of me
And for many years I felt wounded and lost
And though I was lonely, at least I was sane
And slowly I began to see new things
And I came to value what mattered most
I came to love and trust, me
And from then on I declared unto myself
That no crazy person, or group of crazy people
Could ever hurt me again

And when I came back into the world
I began to teach all the crazy people what I had learned
And I helped the people see
That being crazy, is not all it's cracked-up to be.
Into The Woods of Me
a poem by Max Eternity
31 June 2005
All Rights Reserved


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