NYC, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco: White Power in America

Max Eternity - While it is the Southeastern region of the United States, which continues to live with the national stigma of being the hotbed of Black oppression and racial bias, the rest of the nation is hardly immune. Take for instance, the recent unlawfully arrest of Henry Louis Gates, a black professor who teaches at Harvard, or in January '09, the murder of 22 yr old Oscar Grant, an innocent, unarmed black man that was publicly slaughtered by white police at a BART rail station in the San Francisco Bay Area.

California has a long history of police brutality against Blacks; remember Rodney King? And too, New York, America's so-called "melting pot" is also a hotbed of institutionalized racism, where recently it has been revealed that while the majority of the population is people of color (Blacks, Latinos and Hispanics) the NYC fire department is 90% White.

How is that possible? Democracy Now! reports. Click here to view.


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