1999: Michael Jackson, in his own words

Max Eternity - I don't watch MTV--it's lame as hell. And I totally think the set-up introduction by this sophomoric VJ is pure publicist swill, nonetheless if you can tolerate the first 30 seconds of this MTV tool's naseating quasi-british accent, the rest of the film is well worth the watch. As well, on this site I generally post in as objective manner as possible, but at the moment I'm disgusted with the cheesy repackaging of "the world's greatest entertainer" which is already underway. Michael's work speaks for itself. End of story! However, if Michael's parents, Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Rowe, any of the other Jackson siblings or any of his true, close friends, like Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones or Al Sharpton, have something to say about Michael, I want to hear it. Otherwise, everybody else needs to shut the hell up!