Reid and Obama Abandon the Jobs Front

The Progressive - What planet are Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and the Democrats on?

Obama’s own economic advisers say that unemployment is going to average 10 percent this year and 9.2 percent next year.

And yet all that Harry Reid now is proposing to spend on a new jobs bill is $15 billion over the next decade, which is peanuts. And most of those peanuts are going directly to businesses, which is the least efficient way to stimulate the economy.

Oh, Reid and Obama talk about the unemployed. But those words amount to just crocodile tears since they have the power to do something about this but choose not to do so.

They seem allergic to power.

There is no money to extend unemployment benefits.

There is no money to extend health care coverage to the unemployed.

There is no money to support state governments, which are having to make vicious cuts to balance their own budgets.

There is no money to create a federal jobs program. Read more.


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