Moving On Up and Hitting a Wall

"The American myth of opportunity isn't necessarily obsolete, but in the face of systemic discrimination, pursuing the Dream means waking up from delusions of colorblindness"

Michele Chin @ Racewire - America: land of opportunity… if you’re lucky enough to be born into one. The crumbling of the American Dream is in plain view across the country, especially in the urban centers and desolate ghost towns that have long been hollowed of their economic promise. A new comparative study shows just how far America’s mythology has slipped on a global scale.

According a report on social mobility published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development [OECD], the United States ranks pretty poorly among industrialized nations on intergenerational advancement—that is, the ability to transcend the socioeconomic class, income level, and educational attainment of your family. So that whole bootstraps thing? Read more.


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