In a Violent World, Another Massacre Goes Unnoticed

Where is the outraged for all the lives that were lost due to the [avoidable] flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? And where lies the outraged by all those needlessly killed in Iraq? From the ongoing genocide in Sudan, to the murderous, 50-year Tibet occupation, where does it end -- when will it end? How much violence will it take to awaken to consciousness of humanity to a better way -- sane alternatives to conflict resolution?

And then there's the endless assault on the Palestine by Israel; so many turning a blind eye! Even when Israel's military personnel admits to war crimes, it all seems to fall on deaf ears.

Excerpts from a news article quoting an Israeli soldier involved in the recent Gaza invasion:

“That’s the beauty of Gaza. You see a man walking, he doesn’t have to have a weapon, and you can shoot him,” one soldier told Danny Zamir, the head of the Rabin pre-military academy, who asked him why a company commander ordered an elderly woman to be shot.

"I gathered the graduate students of the course who fought in Gaza, to hear their impressions from the fighting. I wasn't prepared for any of the stuff I heard there. I was shocked,” Mr Zamir said. “I think that the writing was on the wall, but we just didn't want to see it, we didn't want to face it." Read more.