Prison Slave Labor

Black Adgenda Report - America has long been an incarceration state whose penal system is a direct descendant of Black chattel slavery. The system is swiftly returning to its roots with innovations on extraction of free labor, with probationers put to work on Georgia farms and prisoners substituted for union labor in Wisconsin. “The mania to save government dollars and the American propensity to punish and permanently criminalize vast numbers of black people will combine to make these new policies extremely popular.”

Michelle Alexander’s ground breaking book, The New Jim Crow, is an outstanding expose of the horrors of America’s criminal justice system that are perpetrated against black people. It is well documented proof of what many have long observed, that get tough policies on drug enforcement and “three strikes” laws are targeted towards the masses of often non-violent black Americans and are used to make money for private entities and for all levels of government.  Read more.


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