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How Bad Could Japan's Nuclear Crisis Get?

Mother Jones - By all accounts, the situation at Japan's troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant appears to be getting worse. (Be sure to check out our real-time updates for the latest news.) Just how bad it could get?

Nuclear power experts and watchdogs warn that we're entering uncharted territory. "The situation is worsening," says Robert Alvarez, a scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies and a former senior policy advisor to the secretary of energy during the Clinton administration. "It seems to be slipping out of the control of authorities." The situation at the Japanese plant is constantly changing and involves several reactors in various states of disrepair. The chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Greg Jaczko, says it could be "possibly weeks" before it is totally under control. Until then, the risk of a full meltdown still looms. Read more.


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