On the Subject of Quitting

William Rivers Pitt - My head is swimming. My hands are shaking. My teeth are grinding together so hard that my jaw muscles look like I'm storing walnuts in there for the winter.

For once, these symptoms are not being caused by politics. I have not had a cigarette in four days. I have been gobbling nicotine lozenges like M&M's, and am breathing freely for the first time in twenty years. I think I've got this thing licked.

As it turns out, I picked exactly, precisely the right week to undertake this daunting exercise. I might as well have; with everything that has been going on, the physical symptoms I have been suffering - wooziness, tremors, grinding teeth, anxiousness, sleeplessness, and the occasional bout of extreme rage - would have been present anyway. Might as well have something good come out of it.

It was the right time to quit, because if I had still been smoking this week, I would have been sorely tempted to stab a butt out in my eyes, to spare me from having to witness a Democratic presidential administration fly apart at the seams...and not because of some nefarious right-wing plot or media malfeasance. No, Mr. Obama and the pinheads who advise him did this to themselves, and it is disgraceful beyond all measure to behold. Read more.


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