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Austrailia elects first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, as social populist Kevin Rudd exits

Truthout - Julia Gillard created history today by becoming Australia’s first female Prime Minster.

Gillard was elected unopposed at an extraordinary caucus meeting after Kevin Rudd decided to stand down.

Despite the ousted Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s in only two and half years in the office. Significant achievements he revolutionized that kept Australia out of global economic recession, got rid of work choices and restore decency to the work place, started to built nations infrastructure i.e. national broad band network which he fundamentally believed would transfer the economy which is yet to conceive, begin education revolution, trade training centres in nation’s secondary schools, new libraries in schools, nationwide early child hood education, introducing national curriculum in every states and territories, created fifty thousand more universities places, invested more in universities researches, deep reform in health system, national health and hospital net work, biggest investment in cancer services the nation have ever seen, building 20 regional cancer centres, first time setting up national organ transplant authority, restore decency in pensioners by significance increase in the age pension , long time due paid parental leave, reduced to half the homelessness in the country, added 20 thousand additional units of social housing, , ratify the kyoto protocol, boosted renewable energy target to 20 %, the emission trading scheme was three times tried to get through the parliament, first time setting up Murray Darling basin river system authority, bringing Australia on the table of G-20, closing the gap between indigenous and non indigenous Australian, commitment to create 50 thousand new jobs for indigenous Australian, apology to the stolen generation. Read more.


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