Obama, the Friendly Right-Wing Republican?

Barak Obama, we love him because he's playful and friendly. I should know, I voted for him. But in each passing day, policy wise, it seems more and more that our intelligently charming President Obama is morphing into our deceptively charming pResident Bush. What's this all about?

In stark legal turnaround, Obama now resembles Bush

By Michael Doyle | McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is morphing into George W. Bush, as administration attorneys repeatedly adopt the executive-authority and national-security rationales that their Republican predecessors preferred.

In courtroom battles and freedom-of-information fights from Washington, D.C., to California, Obama's legal arguments repeatedly mirror Bush's: White House turf is to be protected, secrets must be retained and dire warnings are wielded as weapons.

"It's putting up a veritable wall around the White House, and it's so at odds with Obama's campaign commitment to more open government," said Anne Weismann, chief counsel for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a legal watchdog group. Read more.


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