Who Knew There Was So Much Poverty? The Poor, That's Who

Donna Smith @ Common Dreams - Last evening, Tavis Smiley hosted a program that was broadcast live on C-SPAN live and that focused for two-and-a-half hours on the issue of poverty in America.  It was terrific.  The energy and commitment of the experts assembled to investigate and help alleviate poverty made the conversation rich beyond anything I’ve seen in ages.  Each panelist came at the topic from a different perspective.  That added to the richness of the discussion about being poor in America.

Good stuff, Michael Moore, Cornell West, Barbara Ehrenreich, Suze Orman, Majora Carter, Roger A. Clay, Jr, and all who participated as panelists or who helped pull this together.  If you didn’t see this show, Remaking America, from Poverty to Prosperity, you can watch it in C-SPAN’s archives.  And you can find out more at Smiley’s website.  Read more.


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