Nordic Whoring: US Workers Get Cheap

David Macaray @ Common Dreams - Sociologists tell us that the reason an otherwise happily married man will seek the services of a prostitute is because he knows she will do things his wife would never consent to do.  Whether or not that explanation is accurate, the same perception appears to be Sweden’s reason for embracing the American worker.  Judging from their recent actions, Swedish companies are convinced they can get American workers to do things their own citizens would never do.

Early evidence of this perception was seen in the draconian measures instituted at Sweden’s IKEA manufacturing plant in Danville, Virginia.  After getting the local community to pony up more than $12 million in tax breaks and other subsidies (as an inducement for IKEA to locate its factory in this job-starved region of Virginia), it didn’t take long for the company to show its true colors.  Read more.


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