WikiWishes for WikiPromises for 2011

Johan Galtung - New Year's Eve was here with wishes and promises. Below, I enumerate my thoroughly pondered new year's wishes for 2011 and beyond. The informed reader will recognize 50 Years: 100 Peace & Conflict Perspectives (, and TMS editorials. Many such things have happened, and would make much peace. In fact: The kind of job we would like diplomats to be engaged in.

But the Man of the Year, Julian Assange, revealed diplomats to be person- rather than problem-oriented, negative-controlling and not positive-constructive, self-serving rather than community-region-world-humanity serving. Not strange they need secrecy. Manning-Assange sounded the deathknells not only of a dying empire, but also of an institution asynchronic with our times.

So let us make the jump from the ubiquitous WikiLeaks to much needed WikiWishes & WikiPromises that key people would do well to wish, and then keep: Read more.


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