Season's Greetings: 12 Affirmations for a Happy New Year !!!

We create what we believe is an affirmation--a thought--I find useful for many reasons. Though before I touch on that, I'd like to say what a growing, learning year 2010 has been. I am grateful for all this year has brought and taught my way. For as with joy and laughter, pain, suffering and healing are aspects to the human experience which hold value as well. The totality of what it means to be alive retains wealth beyond life's pleasantries. So, I'd like to share 12 affirmations that I created, which work for me--wishing you a Happy New Year!. It's a brief [free] selection of my favorite affirmations:


1.) Everything I need Comes My Way With Ease: Rivers and oceans flow in spite of the living creatures, rocks and waves within them, our lives operate much in the same way.

2.) In The Mirror I See A Beautiful Reflection of Me: Our outside world is often an accurate reflection of our inner world. Who and what have told ourselves that we are?

3.) Rivers Of Wealth Flow Within And Around Me: Release thoughts of scarcity. There is enough.

4.) We Create What We Believe: An action cannot be taken without a thought. Who is the master of your mind? Read all 12 affirmations here.


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