Haiti's Unnatural Disasters

Truthout - As hurricane Tomas unleashed its wrath on Haiti, hundreds of thousands of Haitians endured the storm under flimsy tents, tarps and bedsheets located on floodplains and perched on mudslide-prone slopes. Many Haitians lost what little they have left in the world in a completely foreseeable disaster.

Since the earthquake of January 12, there has been a lot of talk in the media about "disaster-prone Haiti" and the "ill-fated Haitian people." First there was the worst earthquake in Haiti's history, killing an estimated 300,000 people, seriously injuring even more and destroying much of Haiti's capital. Just last month, cholera broke out north of Port-au-Prince. According to official numbers, the body count is over 500 and the number of people infected is over 7,000 - and these numbers are certain to rise. Then, last Friday, Hurricane Tomas assailed Haiti with major flooding, mudslides and winds. Read more.


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