Israeli government moves to outlaw peaceful protests

Common Dreams - In its bid to maintain its occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, the Israeli government has launched a new offensive, this one against its own citizens. A bill that is currently before the Knesset would allow Israelis who support boycotts against Israel to be sued for damages. The bill is part of a government backlash against a small but growing number of Israelis who have taken up the tactic of boycott, sanctions and divestment (BDS) to bring about an end to their government's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. The Real News Network recently presented this report on the bill and the Israeli BDS movement.

Human rights organizations in Israel and internationally have condemned the bill as draconian and anti-democratic. Human Rights Watch has called on the Knesset to reject it along with three other bills "that would seriously restrict the rights of Israelis to criticize the policies and actions of their government." Read more.


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