Operation 911: Questions Linger...

With gaping holes in its official account of the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001, the new White House leadership -- formerly led by George W. Bush -- now helmed by Barack Obama, limps forward with its directive to stay the course with the former administration's "Terror War." And though both Bush and Obama maintain that the World Trade Center towers were attacked and destroyed by a notorious Middle Easterner, Osama Bin Laden and his small guerilla army, there are those who suspect that the complicit and/or guilty parties are much closer to home; that perhaps (even) George W. Bush and senior level government officials in the U.S., Israel and/or Saudi Arabia, are conspirators in this grave tragedy.

Its been many years since that fateful day, but questions about the Bush Administration's "official" account of the 911 events still linger. Many are requesting a new investigation, as the chorus of critics continues to grow.

In 2006 a documentary called Loose Change was released. Citing reasons why there should be cause for suspicion, the film takes a viewpoint significantly different from the information thus far disseminated by the American government.


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