Food Democrary Now

A grassroots campaign to reform food policy in America is underway. To this effort an activist coalition, called Food Democracy Now, has mobilized a growing base -- a movement -- and is seeking to further there position with an online petition; thus far having gained over 85,000 signatures. The petition, written a few months back as an open letter to then President-Elect Obama, reads:

Dear President-Elect Obama,

We congratulate you on your historic victory and welcome the change that your election promises to usher in for our nation. As leaders in the sustainable agriculture and rural advocacy community we supported you in record numbers during the caucus, primary and general election because of the family farm-friendly policies that you advocated during your campaign.

As our nation’s future president, we hope that you will take our concerns under advisement when nominating our next Secretary of Agriculture because of the crucial role this Secretary will play in revitalizing our rural economies, protecting our nation’s food supply and our environment, improving human health and well-being, rescuing the independent family farmer, and creating a sustainable renewable energy future. Read More.


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