US Drone Wars Fuels Global Dismay with Obama Presidency

Guardian UK - The poll reveals particular hostility to US drone attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen. Although Washington claims the attacks are carefully targeted at major terrorists, they frequently kill civilians.

The drone strikes are backed by 62% of Americans but have only minority support in every other country polled by Pew. The strongest overseas support for the US strategy is in Britain, where 44% approve and 47% are against. But in France, China, Mexico and Russia there are large majorities opposed to it.

The US president's standing remains strong in Europe, where he has an 80% approval rating – down just 6% on three years ago. But it is a different story elsewhere. The sharpest drop in confidence in Obama has been in China, where support has fallen from 62% in 2009 to just 38% this year.  Read more.


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