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A letter from a freed man to his former slave owner

Common Dreams - In 1865, the former slave sent a memorable letter to his former owner, who had asked him and his family to return to ye olde plantation. Sure, politely writes the now-free man, but first please send us the $11,608 in wages you owe to "make us forget and forgive old scores." Read more.

Boing Boing - ...a letter, reportedly dictated to a letter-writer in 1865 by one Jordan Anderson, former slave and then-current stableman, to former slave owner P.H. Anderson of Wilson County, Tenn.

The letter appeared in the Aug. 22, 1865 issue of the New York Daily Tribune, apparently in response to letter P.H. Anderson sent Jordan Anderson, suggesting that Jordan and his family ought to come back and work on the old plantation. Read more.


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