Politics and Terror: The United States of Israel

The relationship between Israel and America could easily be described as myopic, but if Americans only knew what was being done in their name - the bottomless pit of money, all the history and all the facts - perhaps things would be different, perhaps peace might finally come. For in what appears to be blind submission, The U.S. Government finds itself unilaterally supporting the actions of the Israeli Government - oblivious to the facts surrounding the unfolding events - the indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Gaza - in what is now being dubbed in the blogsphere as "The Chanukah Massacre". And while 5 or 6 Israeli citizens are reported dead, more than 400 Palestinians have been killed. with weaponry funded almost entirely by the United States - more than $6B annually.

After having her humanitarian aide boat, The Dignity, rammed by a small fleet of covert Israeli naval patrols, Cynthia McKinney - former U.S. Congressperson - had this to say when interviewed on CNN:

"As we are about to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, let us remember what he said. He said that the United States is the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet. And guess what: we experienced a little bit of that violence, because the weapons that are being used by Israel are weapons that were supplied by the United States government."

Cynthia McKinney then goes on to ask, in a plea, to President Elect Barak Obama...saying "I wished Barak Obama would say something about the humanitarian crisis being experienced in Gaza right now".

Thus far, Obama has been curiously silent.

Here is a video of McKinney being interviewed:

And below is a quote that I discovered earlier - it's rather pointed, and true.

"While American media regularly cover up Israeli actions, those of us who have visited the region first-hand witness a level of US-funded Israeli cruelty that makes us weep for our victims and fear for our country. While most Americans are uninformed on how Israel uses our money, people throughout the world are deeply aware that it is Americans who are funding Israeli crimes. Perhaps It's time to kick AIPAC out of the US and tell Israel they are on their own."

- Anonymous

And finally, here is a link to a commentary that Cynthia McKinney wrote regarding here understanding of what has happened, and is to come.


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