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Jim Crow Redux: Vote Fraud '08

Republican party officials in the State of Michigan have formally adopted a 'vote caging' strategy targeted to disenfranchise American citizens who's homes have been recently foreclosed. This political strategy is the equivalent of the poll tax, a now defunct Jim Crow law that was banned decades ago. That reason being that Jim Crow laws were unconstitutional in that they were designed to specifically target Black Americans for unlawful arrest, voter disenfranchisement and other forms of harassment. The dynamics of these laws was fully exposed when much national attention was devoted to the 1950's & 1960's civil rights movement, where among other things, Black Americans, with the support of progressive Whites and others, demanded equal access to education (see Brown vs. Board).

Now it's been over 40 years since the removing these draconian laws from the books. However, in the striking down of formal Jim Crow laws, this issue, institutional discrimination, has still yet to be fully laid to rest. And in this new Michigan scenario, with the primary victims of the recent collapse of America's banking system, resulting in an onslaught of bad mortgages and foreclosed homes, being Black Americans (who tend to vote Democrat) the poison of Jim Crow has again reared it's shameless head. As from all appearances it looks like socio-economic, racial profiling are alive and well in Michigan.

Jim Crow rides again.

In the U.S. Presidential Election of 200o, massive vote fraud was widely reported in The State of Florida; a state who''s then sitting Governor (Jeb Bush) was the brother of current White House resident, George W. Bush. Then in 2004 a similar pattern of vote fraud was reported in Ohio, the state which ultimately determined the "winning"outcome for Bush again. Now it seems, vote fraud has migrated to Michigan.

Is this meant to benefit Bush surrogate, John McCain?

Click here to read about this recent development of voter disenfranchisement in Michigan.

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