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Propoganda, Torture and American Exceptionalism

With it being recently discovered that the Bush era protocol for government sanctioned propaganda, warrantless wiretapping and torture were ordered from the upper echelons of the executive cabinet, it has also come to light that there were complicit collaborators to the Bush doctrine within Congress; Democrats included. Jane Harman, one of the most enthusiastic "Blue Dog" Democrats that supported the Bush wiretap program, has now been busted, caught in the act of aiding and abetting AIPAC, having shielded it's crimes from the public eye by propagandizing and suppressing the dissemination of information to the media. Glenn Greenwald of reports here. As well, it also appears that Barak Obama has at last started to realize that he himself might be breaking the law in his own attempts to shield the Bush Junta from punishment of it's own high-crimes and misdemeanors. Mr. Greewald's full report of that is here, with a video from the Real News Network presented below:


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