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Insurance Companies Already Know How They’ll Profit From COVID-19

Afghanistan's peace process is in danger of unravelling

Those of us who witnessed United States officials and Taliban representatives shake hands on February 29, 2020, were inspired by the political will for peace that we witnessed. Yet many of us have also recognised the inevitable difficulties in implementing the agreement concluded in Doha. But what we could not have anticipated was the two crises which would simultaneously threaten more.

1.7 Million Jobs In Arab Region At Risk From Coronavirus

Where the Bison Roam—Again?

Saving the American bison from extinction in the late nineteenth century has been hailed as one of the great achievements of the conservation movement. Zoologist and conservationist William T. Hornaday’s 1889 map of the distribution of bison records the continental reduction of the range more.

The Little-Known History of the Forced Sterilization of Native American Women

Two fifteen-year-old Native American women went into the hospital for tonsillectomies and came out with tubal ligations. Another Native American woman requested a “womb transplant,” only to reveal that she had been told that was an option after her uterus had been removed against her will. Cheyenne women had their Fallopian tubes severed, sometimes after being told that they could be “untied” again.  Read more.

Why African American Women Joined the Communist Party

During the 1930s, the New Deal’s efforts to drive economic recovery had a dirty not-so-secret. To get the support and votes of southern whites in Congress, President Franklin Roosevelt had to water down relief efforts for African Americans. Even with programs that attempted to be race-blind, the South’s white administrators did their best to deny federal assistance to African Americans. Discrimination and segregation were still the name of the game, even in economic collapse.  Read more.

Harriet Tubman’s Legacy: Hope in the Age of Trump

Want to Build Class Solidarity? Learn to Talk About Race

Thank You Elizabeth

A respectful, sorrowful, grateful farewell to Elizabeth Warren, the smartest, fiercest candidate in the race and one who deserved better from our still deeply sexist culture. In a typically eloquent and combative statement, Warren stressed that, in one way or another, she will nevertheless persist. "This fight - our fight - is not over," she declared. "And our place in this fight has not ended." Echoing her campaign themes, she more.

Netflix’s ‘Fauda’ Promotes Israel's Brand of White Supremacy

'Fauda,' an Israeli show about soldiers who disguise themselves as Palestinians, subtly reinforces Islamophobic stereotypes and justifies state violence:

Croatia is a crucible of hyper-nationalism

Earlier this year, Croatians elected former Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, a Social Democrat, as their president. The victory of Milanovic, who ran on a promise to make Croatia a more tolerant country and turn the page on its wartime past, was seen by many as a sign that the country was moving away from the far-right, nationalist ideas that have become prevalent in the region and beyond.  Read more.

California Agrees to Pay $53 Million for Neglecting Black and Brown Students

The Corporatization of Oberlin College

Oberlin College, with a long history of promoting justice and fairness in the darkest of times, is in real danger of losing its moral compass. Instead of ameliorating these societal injustices, the administration and trustees of Oberlin College are actively and deliberately exacerbating poverty and illness in northern Ohio by replacing 108 unionized dining hall and maintenance workers with lower-paid non-union sub-contractors. Read more.

New Documentary Explores Five Largely Unknown Truths about Israel/Palestine

Why federal judges with life tenure don’t need to fear political attacks from Trump or anyone else

President Donald Trump has mounted attacks on the Justice Department and its various branches, on prosecutions he’s interested in and the judges presiding over those cases. He’s complained that his political adversaries – Hillary Clinton and James Comey – should have been prosecuted and that more.

Bloomberg Banks on Black Political Elites Selling Out