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Anti-racism Durban Review Conference concludes with successful outcome

- From Wikipedia's entry on Racism - - The anti-racism Durban Review Conference concluded on 24 April with a consensus on how to achieve real changes for the millions of victims of racism worldwide. Calling the successful result "a platform for a new beginning," High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay urged all to implement vigorously the outcome document.

"We will be leaving this hall tonight with a sure sense of accomplishment, with renewed and reenergized determination and purpose," said Pillay, who is Secretary-General of the Review Conference, in her closing statement Friday afternoon.

"Such determination and experience will sustain the work ahead of all of us: the hard work of delivering on our pledges; the urgent task of giving concrete effect to the conference’s outcome; the imperative of erasing the age-old shame of racism."

She said that the Conference proved to be "a celebration of tolerance and dignity for all", and it produced a "meaningful outcome enshrining a common aspiration: to defy racism in all its manifestations and work to stamp it out wherever it may occur." Read more.


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