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Technology Access Gap Leaves Millions of Students Struggling to Keep Up

Twenty-one-year-old Mirka Mendez, a petroleum engineering student at the University of Texas-Austin (UT), has a deep understanding of the US’s technology gap. Without easy access to the internet while in high school, she often had to leave home at 4 a.m. and sit on a bench outside her school so that she could use the building’s hotspots to do research, study or write papers before the opening bell.  Read more.

Longtime Republican flees the GOP because of Republican party pettiness

The Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Oct. 6, after sexual assault allegations surfaced against the judge. The battle for the votes of a few key senators was exceedingly bitter, pitting the principle of due process and the #MeToo movement against each other in a fight for control of the high court.  Read more.

Khashoggi Dismembered With Bone Saw for 7 Minutes While Alive

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was tortured and dismembered over seven minutes while he was still alive, according to a Turkish source who heard an audio recording of the murder.
The Washington Post columnist was abducted Oct. 2 from the consul-general’s office at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and dragged more.  Read more.

4 Khashoggi Murder Suspects Are Linked to Saudi Crown Prince – Who Is Jared Kushner's Friend

Turkey has just identified four suspects in what is believed to be the gruesome and intentional, state-sponsored murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Turkish officials appear to be making the case that Saudi Arabia ordered Khashoggi's murder.

And as it turns out, these suspects are linked to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who is seen as a friend of Trump son-in-law and Senior White House Advisor Jared Kushner. Others say the relationship is one-way, with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) saying Kushner was "in his pocket."  Read more.

New York Times puts happy face on violent "Proud Boy" racist Gavin McInnes

The New York Times once again is under fire from social media users, some of whom are even demanding the paper of record "stop normalizing Nazis," after running an alarmingly positive and whitewashed profile of right wing extremist Gavin McInnes, calling him a mere "provocateur."

McInnes, as many have recently learned, is the founder of the Proud Boys, which he calls a gang and the Southern Poverty Law Center calls a hate group.

In a chilling video that's gone viral overnight, McInness is shown appearing to call on Trump supporters to "Choke a motherfucker. Choke a bitch. Choke a tranny. Get your fingers around the windpipe."  Read more.

LA Voters to Consider Creating Nation’s First Municipal Public Bank

The 200 Most Richest Entities Are Now Corporations, Not Governments

As corporations in the United States and around the world continue to reap record profits thanks to enormous tax cuts, widespread tax avoidance schemes, and business-friendly trade and investment policies, an analysis by Global Justice Now (GJN) published Wednesday found that the world's most profitable companies are raking in revenue "far in excess more.

Oscar Romero, Martyr for Salvadoran Revolution, Canonized by Pope Francis

Black Voters Matter blocked from taking seniors to vote

Seniors in rural Georgia were dancing in the street, preparing to board Black Voters Matter‘s bus to cast their ballots Monday, the first day of the state’s early voting period. But the county clerk ordered the senior center to take the 40 or so elderly African Americans off the bus — an act organizers described as “live voter suppression.”  Read more.

Food Justice in Urban Agriculture

Artechouse: Living at the corner of art and technology

Artechouse doesn’t collect art, so it’s not a museum in that sense. It doesn’t sell the work it displays, so it’s not a typical gallery. But the cavernous space on Maryland Avenue SW near the edge of L’Enfant Plaza is focused on presenting digital art and — like many museums — it wants to help audiences learn about and appreciate it.  Read more.

Portland rightwing ‘Law and Order’ march erupts into ‘huge bloody brawl’

A rightwing march in Portland, Oregon descended into a street brawl on Saturday night.
The city has been in the spotlight over the last week after a peaceful protest over a police killing of a black man was disrupted by a white driver who flipped off the protesters, made an illegal turn and sped through the crowd of protestors as they banged on his car windows.  Read more.

Banksy’s self-destructing “Girl With Balloon” is worth even more shredded

Whether you consider his latest headline-grabber to be a great work of performance art in absentia, a prank sticking a middle finger up at the art world, a brilliant piece of publicity or all of the above, there is no denying that Banksy is having the most fun of any artist, perhaps in history. We have examined his identity, almost certainly one half of the famous musical act Massive more.

Why the US needs better crime reporting statistics

With 24.1 homicides per 100,000 people – more than four times the overall U.S. rate – Chicago certainly suffers from serious problems. But, as of a Sept. 25, St. Louis, my hometown, is called by the FBI the most dangerous city in America with over 6,461 violent crimes reported in the city limits in 2017. That’s an increase of more than 7 percent from the previous year.  Read more.

The Business of Misery: Private Prisons in the US

Low Wages and No Benefits: Unemployment numbers conceal a grand deception

Independent Media Censored in Mass Facebook Purge

After Facebook announced on Thursday that it shut down and removed hundreds of pages and accounts that it vaguely accused of spreading "spam" and engaging in "inauthentic behavior," some of the individuals and organizations caught up in the social media behemoth's dragnet disputed accusations that they were violating the platform's rules more.

What Is Behind The Conservative Win In Quebec?

Schumer Rubber Stamps 15 More Right-Wing Judges for Trump

With progressives still mobilized and angrier than ever following Judge Brett Kavanaugh's successful confirmation to the Supreme Court amid credible sexual assault allegations, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) provided further cause for fury—and added to already deafening calls for new leadership in the Democratic Party—by cutting a deal behind closed doors with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) late Thursday to fast-track 15 more of Trump's right-wing judges to lifetime federal court positions.  Read more.

The Next Republic: The Rise Of A New Radical Majority

How the loss of Native American languages affects our understanding of the natural world

American policies, particularly in the six decades between the 1870s and 1930s, suppressed Native American languages and culture. It was only after years of activism by indigenous leaders that the Native American Languages Act was passed in 1990, which allowed for the preservation and protection of indigenous languages. Nonetheless, many Native American languages have been on the verge of extinction for more.

Saint Kavanaugh

As I was writing this, the FBI report commissioned to canonize Brett Kavanaugh was senators’ favorite one-handed auto-erotic aid this morning. I didn’t yet know what it would say. Not that it was going to make a difference for 96 percent of senators and 100 percent of Americans. With a Trump courtesan like Lindsey Graham and alumni of the Anita Hill stoning like Chuck Grassley and Orrin Hatch lubricating the Senate Judiciary Committee, it’s been pretty obvious since his nomination that Kavanaugh would get enrobed.  Read more.

Wall Street Journal ripped for ‘rape joke’ headline about Susan Collins ‘consenting’ to Kavanaugh

A day after publishing a defensive op-ed penned by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial board wrote a headline for an article about Sen. Susan Collins’ (R-ME) “yes” vote on the nominee that some say referenced the nature of the allegations against him.  Read more.

Is India on its Way out of Poverty?

Will Brazil's next president be filled with rage and hate?

On April 4, Christian Social Party congressman Jair Messias Bolsonaro gave a racially charged speech at the Hebraica Club in Rio de Janeiro. The speech made headline news, but it is just another stone paving the path of controversies that describe his political career. During his speech before some 500 people, he claimed that people living in reservations were “parasites”, that quilombolas (black community members, descendants of runaway slaves) “weren't even fit for breeding”, that NGOs and social movements more.

Will Chicago elect an African-American lesbian as its next mayor?

Lori Lightfoot has plans for Chicago and her main goal is to undo the years of damage she says current Mayor Rahm Emanuel has caused the city. Last week, Emanuel, who has been the mayor for the last 7 years, announced that he wasn’t running for reelection. And this decision not only put a fire under several other candidates, but has given Lightfoot a reason more.

7 officers shot, 1 fatally, after attempt to serve warrant in South Carolina

Seven law enforcement officers were shot, one fatally, after a suspect opened fire on deputies attempting to serve a search warrant to a house in South Carolina on Wednesday, officials said.

From inside the home just outside of Florence, S.C., the suspect fired on the officers around 4 p.m., striking three of more.

500+ Law Professors Agree: Kavanaugh's Testimony Was 'Disqualifying"

Amid a rushed FBI investigation, intensifying public protest, and a deeply politicized process by the Republican Party to see Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, more than 500 law professors from around the country—including a number from Yale, the nominee's alma mater—have penned a scathing open letter saying Kavanaugh has clearly shown he lacks the "judicial temperament" to sit on the nation's highest court.  Read more.

A Very Tarnished Court

Conservatives are about to fulfill a quest that began with Richard Nixon’s campaign for president in 1968 and intensified during Ronald Reagan’s presidency: putting a staunch conservative majority on the Supreme Court. But the way that they have accomplished this has greatly tarnished the Court, perhaps irreparably. It is impossible to know the long-term consequences of this, but the Court and how it is perceived will never be the same.  Read more.

California Governor Jerry Brown signs nation’s strictest net neutrality rules into law

California Governor Jerry Brown today signed net neutrality legislation into law, setting up a legal showdown pitting his state against Internet service providers and the Federal Communications Commission.

The California net neutrality bill, previously approved by the state Assembly and Senate despite protests from AT&T and cable lobbyists, imposes rules similar more.

Trump Accused of Rigging FBI's Kavanaugh Probe By Imposing 'Outrageous' Limits

ust 24 hours after caving to pressure from the Senate and requesting an FBI probe into the sexual assault allegations against his Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump is reportedly already working to impose strict limitations on the scope of the investigation—a move that has been denounced as a flagrant attempt to further rig the process in Kavanaugh's favor.  Read more.

Ted Lieu: No employer would hire sexual assault suspect who ‘yells at you’ and lies during interview

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) suggested on Sunday that Republicans are not being honest about their support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh because no other job interviewer would approve someone facing sexual assault allegation who “yelled at you” during the interview.  Read more.

Blasey Ford/Kavanaugh Testimony Exposes Deep Misogyny

Eastern Europe’s Far Right Rewriting History of Nazi Holocaust

An Ex-Marine’s View of the US ‘Forever War’

Californians Demand Jerry Brown Sign Net Neutrality Bill Immediately

With just over 48 hours left before the deadline for California Gov. Jerry Brown to sign the nation's gold standard net neutrality bill into law and restore the protections repealed by the Republican-controlled FCC last year, a coalition of open internet advocacy groups delivered 90,000 signatures to Brown's more.

Blasey Ford, White Male Privilege and the Reckoning to Come

The TV talk would have you believe Brett Kavanaugh saved his nomination on Thursday afternoon. The talk is wrong. Kavanaugh’s nomination, at least before the Senate Judiciary Committee, was never in need of saving. All the Republican majority members of that committee required to pass him along to a full Senate vote was an excuse, no matter how tattered or shameful, to hang their hat on. They weren’t just “saving” Kavanaugh, however. In every way that matters, they were trying pathetically to save themselves.  Read more.