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Italy’s Right-Wing Government Collapses – Will the Next One Be Better?

The 1619 Project: A Nation Born in Contradiction, a Democracy Defined by Black Struggle

Rep Ayanna Pressley on Israel’s Ban: “Bigoted, Short-Sighted and Cruel”

Israeli Illegal Arms Trade in South Sudan Was Disguised as “Agriculture”

Truck Rams Anti-ICE Protest in Rhode Island

The Completely Predictable Death of Jeffrey Epstein

The reported suicide on Saturday of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein in a federal jail cell in the heart of Manhattan was both utterly shocking and completely predictable. It’s shocking that the Bureau of Prisons was unable to keep Epstein alive pending his federal sex trafficking trial and that jail officials, knowing the world was watching this case so closely, allowed more.

Deniers Deflated as Climate Reality Hits Home

Climate science deniers are becoming desperate as their numbers diminish in the face of incontrovertible evidence that human-caused global warming is putting our future at risk. Although most people with basic education, common sense and a lack of financial interest in the fossil fuel industry accept what scientists worldwide more.

Donald and Ronald

Joe Scarborough has a show on MSNBC, Morning Joe. He is virulently anti-Trump. He has even said the US president is "openly racist" and, "if you support him, then you're supporting that". Joe has called Donald Trump "completely detached from reality", "everybody around Donald Trump knows he's not stable". His partner - on the show and in life - Mika Brzezinski - denounces Trump even more adamantly. As do his regular and irregular guests.  Read more.

Beloved Nobel-Winning Voice of America Toni Morrison Passes Away

Will India’s Occupation of Kashmir Become Colonization?

Grades Are Capitalism in Action. Let’s Get Them Out of Our Schools.

The capitalist economic system has major failures. It generates extreme, socially divisive inequalities of wealth and income. It consistently fails to achieve full employment. Many of its jobs are boring, dangerous and/or mind-numbing. Every four to seven years, it suffers a mysterious downdraft in which millions of people lose jobs and incomes, businesses collapse, falling tax revenues undermine public services, and so on. If these failures were widely perceived as the inherent failures of the capitalist system, the desirability and thus sustainability of capitalism itself might vanish.  Read more.

Is the Rise in Lyme Disease Due to Weaponized Ticks?

Eddie Glaude Delivers 'Incredibly Powerful' Statement on US History of Racism and Violence

Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude received praise overnight for comments made on MSNBC Monday as more.

Over 100 Killed in Another Mediterannean Shipwreck as Europe Watches

Noam Chomsky: Life Expectancy in the US Is Declining for a Reason

Life in the United States — the richest country in world history — doesn’t need to be like this. This country’s endless wars, deaths of despair, rising mortality rates and out-of-control gun violence did not come out of nowhere. In this second installment from an exclusive transcript of a conversation aired on Alternative Radio, public intellectual Noam Chomsky more.

Hawaii Protectors Block the TMT Telescope to Respect Tradition and Science

Growing Alarm in Germany Following Right-Wing Attacks

Bernie Sanders, Julián Castro Among 2020 Candidates Set to Attend First-Ever Presidential Forum on Native American Issues

Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Housing Secretary Julián Castro are among the 2020 Democratic contenders slated to attend the first-ever presidential forum on Native American issues, an event celebrated as an opportunity to highlight oft-ignored crises affecting indigenous communities.  Read more.

India’s Assam Region Grapples With Aftermath of Devastating Monsoon

Anti-Semitism and Zionism Have Formed a Brutal Alliance

fter President Trump tweeted his attack on “the Squad” of four women of color in Congress — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna S. Pressley — telling them to “go back” to their own countries, he immediately followed his racist rant with a chaser: an accusation of anti-Semitism. He claimed that they “hate Israel with a true and unbridled passion,” and that they are anti-Semitic and anti-American. In our upside-down political world, accusations of anti-Semitism are routinely getting trotted out to justify a right-wing nationalist agenda.  Read more.

The United States is a banana republic

Before the predictable howling begins, let me assure you that is not a cheap, rhetorical shot. Despite America's military prowess, used to impose its catastrophic imperial designs, and potent economic clout built on a Ponzi-scheme-like $21.5 trillion debt, a sizeable share owned by China and Japan - my unflattering appellation is demonstrably true.  Read more.

Israel Demolishes 70 More Palestinian Apartments in East Jerusalem

Trump’s Racist Lies About Ilhan Omar Define the Republican Party

Italy Prepares to Round Up Sinti and Roma

How US Tech Giants Are Helping To Build China's Surveillance State

The OpenPower Foundation — a nonprofit led by Google and IBM executives with the aim of trying to “drive innovation” — has set up a collaboration between IBM, Chinese company Semptian, and U.S. chip manufacturer Xilinx. Together, they have worked to advance a breed of microprocessors that enable computers to analyze vast amounts of data more efficiently.  Read more.

A Socialist Defector: From Harvard to Karl-Marx-Allee

The Intercept exposes unfair trail for Brazil's Lula da Silva

Nicki Minaj’s Boycott of Saudi Arabia Sets a Moral Standard for Artists

The Climate Crisis Has Made Breathing Smoke Normal in Pacific Northwest

You can’t accuse Grace Stahre of not working to turn climate change around. She’s fought the fossil fuel industry in court, on the streets, in kayaks and on social media. She has rallied to stop new coal terminals and helped pass a moratorium on new gas pipeline infrastructure. And she has lobbied for investment more.

Africa's Free Trade Dream

Its no longer news that African leaders on July 7 met in Niger to launch a continental free-trade zone that would if successful unite 1.3 billion people, create a $3.4 trillion economic bloc and usher in a new era of development in the African continent.  REad more.