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Thoughts on the President's Marriage to Wall Street and Big Oil

Max Eternity - Why is BP still in charge a month after tearing open a rift spilling untold millions of oil just off the US coast in the Gulf of Mexico?

I'll tell you why:

Rhetoric, celebrity and the art of the political apologists has replaced truth, transparency and accountability within the realm of common sense leadership, to such a degree that much of the US populace has become intractably fixated on personality affectations, mistakenly identifying the evolving face of the status quo–its core remaining rotten, while its face becomes more seductively alluring.

Blinded by political sermons of hope and change, these "I just wanna feel good" individuals protest all critical analysis of their supposed liberation, foolishly welcoming the yoke of consumerism and the Corporate Military Industrialist Complex, though believing themselves to be better off and free, using the logic of "at least we got rid of Bush."

And yet led by President Obama, the plutocracy, guided by unmitigated hegemony, is still behind the wheel with both feet on the gas, pressed to the floor.

We find ourselves in this never-ending nightmare because conventional wisdom put personalities before principles, this being especially true with our current president.

Many Democrats seem to have morphed into mini-me Karl Roves, going into attack mode to verbally lacerating anyone who dares speak the obvious truth—we voted for change, and got more of the same.

The hypocrisy stinks to the heavens. and what Bush did not achieve, Obama is doing on his behalf.

So even though Obama has adopted the vast majority of the Bush Doctrine, because he has been anointed as a sacred cow, his loyalists, filled with emotional erections and vitriolic rhetoric, continue to point the blame everywhere except where it belongs, on those responsible for oversight, at the behest of the President.

For as it turns out, President Obama (choose your own semantics) is a Manchurian Candidate--the ultimate Trojan Horse, which doesn’t just mean more of the same, as in the status quo. What it really means is more of the same, on steroids.

President Obama is King Bush III.

As a black man, just a few years younger than Barack Obama, I voted for this President, not because he looked like me, or because I naively believed he would do every single thing he promised. No instead, I voted for him simply because I didn’t think he was a total fraud.

I though he would be somewhat trustworthy, perhaps at least 50% of the time.

Wow, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Ronald Reagan must be blushing with envy and pride, crushing the Left from his grave, AND it’s being done by a black Democrat, no less !!!

The Limbaugh’s and Beck’s of the world feign disdain for Obama, screaming at the top of their lungs how much they hate him, but in their private chambers they are surely oozing with glee.

This President is the best gift the Republican’s ever had.

And furthermore, as politically-incorrect as it is to say, I’ll say it anyway: Obama is a wet dream of a house slave. For unlike Colin Powell, who sometimes balked at the master’s whip, Obama can’t get enough of being a glorified lawn jockey.

Cornel West, Naomi Klein, Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Tavis Smiley and other REAL progressives are speaking to this, however one of the individuals who said it best was a young man, who had been a die-hard supporter of Obama, but has now come to see exactly what I see: We were bamboozled - We have been betrayed--failed in colossal proportions.

What follows is an excerpt from Evan Knappenberger article “The Betrayal of Generation Hope”

[begin excerpt]

“…Most disappointing of all to the youth, though, is Obama’s betrayal of their values. Particularly, his extensions of Bush policies and war-mongering. Obama’s “dumb war” theory (i.e. that some wars are just and some are just “dumb”) is, to us, a complete abomination of the concept of peace. By evoking the Reverend Doctor King in his Nobel acceptance speech while in the same breath dismissing non-violence, Obama has bastardized the concept of peace and alienated us, anti-war youth, permanently from his politics.

My generation can’t afford not to have health care. We can’t afford to live on minimum wage. We can’t afford to allow CEOs to rape our natural resources. Unlike some older folks, my generation understands the differences between communism and socialism. My generation understands that war is not the answer, and we are beginning to understand who President Obama really is. We will tirelessly dedicate ourselves to fixing the planet and realizing the ideals which our parents have rejected, but we will not forget which party promised us hope and which party failed us.

We the youth will bear the yoke of tomorrow, and we the youth are quickly learning that the best way to bear that yoke is to cast it off. Real change can’t be far away, with or without Obama…” Continue reading.

Hello? Can you say, beholden to power = eternal serfdom.

I wrote an article earlier this year called “Obama, the Wife Beater.” The piece is not literally about Obama beating his wife Michelle, but instead serves as a metaphor for all us lackeys who trusted and believed in the man, only to find ourselves getting our hopes and dreams beat out of us by the President’s wanton duplicity.


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