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Is Obama The Kind of Leader Chairman Mao Warned Us About?

"The American people are clamoring for justice but our voices are still being ignored. The President says he is on our side.
Is he?"

Danny Schechter @ Common Dreams - We now know that it was the Obama Administration led by the President himself who used techniques well understood and denounced decades earlier by none other than Mao TseTung.

Mao had no use for those who talked left to move right.

In several high profile speeches, Obama lashed out at Wall Street for its greed and mendacity, proposing financial reforms that appeared to be hard hitting if only because of the way the lobbyists for the financial services industry squealed about them.

But even as he was feinting left, he and his main economic operative, Tim Geithner, were moving right to kill off amendments that the bankers hated like Senator Bernie Sanders's proposal for a deep audit of the Federal Reserve Bank and the Brown-Kaufman Amendment that would have broken up the six biggest banks in America."

No wonder bank stocks went up when the bill passed. Read more.


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