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Obama the Wife Beater?

Obama the Wife Beater?
by Max Eternity

Is President Obama beating his wife, Michelle? No, absolutely not. But metaphorically speaking, and in many ways by default, he is literally beating children, men and women around the world--just like his predecessor George W. Bush--using various weapons of mass destruction in all the ongoing, mindless bombing campaigns throughout Africa and the Middle East, known to disproportionately kill and maim pregnant women, teenage girls and young children, who are almost always people of color.

Bombs falling from the skies, that's not happening in America. No, Obama could never get away with literally dropping bombs here in the US. But what he is getting away with wholesale, is the de facto, continued installation of a digital-age, indentured servant caste system arisen as a direct result of neglecting essential, domestic priorities that would benefit the majority in favor of massive giveaways that benefit an elite minority--simultaneously turning a blind eye to war crimes while cobbling together his latest luscious bailout to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, conveniently called "Healthcare Reform."

It's anything but that. Obama sold us out.

Yea, he inherited some of this, but instead of turning lemons into lemonade, he's harvested more lemons.

I voted for Obama a couple years back. Being a few years younger than he, I felt like an elder in the Generation Hope movement. I supported Obama just like millions of other Americans, believing in his seemingly honest, well-articulated sincere message of hope and change. Now I just feel betrayed.

Notwithstanding, as a black man who's a lifelong Democrat, it's not easy for me to say these things about brother Obama. Somehow I feel like a snitch for simply telling the truth. Though with that said, I do not lie. For I find myself living in an age where the truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Because thus far, all I've seen is more of the same which coming directly from the play-book of humanity's arch enemy, George W. Bush.

It's not easy watching the actions of a man who's policies are indistinguishable from the King of Torture and Corporate Coddling. Yet in fact, the similarities are so close that some, like David Lindorff, have asked if Obama is a flaming, Karl Rove neocon, dressed in Progressive clothing.

Others can argue whether or not Obama is a bonafide trojan horse, but for measure sake, let's do a quick rundown.

Whether you're talking about closing Guantanamo, ending the occupation and war in Iraq, scaling back nuclear proliferation, the handling of foreclosure crisis, funding public education, recommissioning the already indicted mercenary company Blackwater, who keeps changing their name thinking that that somehow erases their crimes (what the !!!@%XX) or whether you're talking about this latest colossal nightmare known as healthcare reform, one ultimately comes up with the same polarized curiosity so often heard about Bush's leadership: Is this man a arrogant deserter of duty and the law, or is he just a lovable, incompetent moron?

Who cares? Does it matter?

'Cause here's the deal. If someone gets hired as a domestic gardener in some fine home, selling themselves as worthy and competent, then once hired that individual fails to water the roses or they over-water the roses. Guess what, they are accountable for killing the roses--the plant dies!

That's the bottom line isn't it? And all hemming and hawing in the world--chewing the fat for days on end--won't do a damn thing to bring those dead roses back, nor will having a group hug and singing "Kumbaya" while having teachable moment beers around a campfire.

There's all this talk about Obama pulling us back from the brink of disaster by bailing out the banks, but that's a half-truth at best. Because the banks never really loaned anyone any money as a result of their good fortune, and what good is a bank (which you and I should technically own, since as taxpayers we financed their rescue) that doesn't loan money, when you've lost your home and you've got no job, due in no small part because so much money from home is being sent over seas?

This is a simple set of equations causing misery to millions of our collective neighbors, crippling the lives of children worldwide.

How did it end up this way?

Is Obama so dumb not to figure out the glaringly obvious problem--we need jobs--we need loans--we need to spend money on butter not bombs--or are WE being played for fools? Or could it be, as horrifying as this thought is, that to many Americans are willing participants, like the wife who gets beat up repeatedly by the husband, and though she has an education, good looks and a family that will help her, she refuses to leave her man, her abuser--she loves him?

I don't profess to be a psychologist by any means, but I'm not stupid either. So I just have to wonder, is this a scenario where Obaphiles are suffering from "beaten wife syndrome", explaining away their broken arm and black eyes they got from the President, by saying "I fell down the stairs?"

Oh really...again?


Max Eternity is a multi-disciplined artist with a focus on cultural heritage. He has written extensively about preservation causes and the digital divide. Eternity, who lives in Atlanta, is the editor and publisher to Art Digital Magazine, a contributing writer to Artworks Magazine and Eklektx.


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