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Gaza Flotilla: This is What Smart Strategy Looks Like

Common Dreams - The flotilla of ships currently on its way to Gaza, loaded with relief supplies, is not big news in the U.S., yet. But it's making headlines in Israel and causing plenty of concern there. So this seems like an especially good time to continue the conversation about strategy among those of us working for a just peace between Israel and Palestine.

In a recent column I asked, "How long will it be until the American left figures out how turn angry verbal outbursts [against Israel] into useful political action?" The "freedom flotilla," which may well be a useful political action, puts that question in a new perspective.

A spokesperson for the flotilla was quoted in the Israeli press saying, "We are a humanitarian group without political aims." That may very well be true. But humanitarian actions can have great political consequences, especially if they are planned with an intelligence worthy of Gandhi.

And this is one action Gandhi would surely have admired, because it does just what a smart act of nonviolent resistance should do. It does not compel the oppressors to do anything in particular. But if refuses to be coerced by the oppressors. Thus it creates a new situation where none of the options serve the oppressors' interests, yet they must make a choice. Read more.


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