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George Zimmerman's bond revoked as judge rules he 'deceived' court

Guardian UK - George Zimmerman, the neighbourhood watch captain accused of murdering Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, had his bail revoked on Friday for "deceiving" a court over the amount of donations made to his defence fund.

Circuit judge Kenneth Lester Jr ordered that Zimmerman, 28, must turn himself in within 48 hours after hearing from prosecutors that the defendant and his wife Shellie had more than $135,000 available to them from donations to a PayPal account set up on his private website soon after his arrest in April for the shooting on 26 February.

Assistant state attorney Bernie de la Rionda told Lester that the couple did not declare the money at an earlier hearing, at which Zimmerman was freed on bail of $150,000.

"This court was led to believe that they didn't have a single penny," he said, adding that Zimmerman's wife had "flat out lied".  Read more.


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