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Eight Defendants Found Guilty in Occupy Trespass Case

John Knefel @ Truthout - The trial that pitted Occupy Wall Street (OWS) against Trinity Wall Street ended on June 18, with Judge Matthew Sciarrino ruling that all eight defendants were guilty of misdemeanor trespassing. In addition, defendant Mark Adams was found guilty of attempted criminal mischief and attempted possession of burglary tools. Adams was sentenced to 45 days in jail to be served on Rikers Island and was led from the courtroom in handcuffs. The other seven defendants were given four days community service and forced to pay a $200 mandatory court surcharge.  Read more.


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A white man shares publicly that a group of Black Harvard graduates “look like gang members to me” and claims he would have said the same of white people dressed similarly. A white physician mistakes a Black physician for a janitor and says it was an honest mistake. A white woman asks to touch a Black classmate’s hair, is scolded for doing so and sulks, “I was just curious.”  Read more.