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President Obama Says Gulf Beaches Are Safe—But Are They? The Gulf is Dying, Environmentally and Economically

Buzzflash - I hope you enjoyed your little dip in the ocean Mr. President? I noticed that you didn’t go snorkeling, perhaps fearing that you might swim into a glob of crude oil mixed with a heavy dose of dispersants?

Well, listen, we know you’re in a tough spot. The Gulf is dying, environmentally and economically. Gulf residents are suffering from severe depression. Sea birds and fish have been washing up on the oil-stained shores for months, fishermen turned clean-up workers are being hospitalized from exposure to the toxic dispersant Corexit and are being treated for symptoms that include vomiting brown stuff, discolored urine, and respiratory problems. There are schools of residents lined up to see shrinks… It’s not a pretty picture. So someone’s got to pitch a positive message: Read more.


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